'Evolve' Gets a Third Monster and Single Player Mode

Evolve Wraith Trailer


Fans have been twiddling their thumbs in anticipation of a new monster reveal for Turtle Rock Studios' Evolve, but that wait finally ended today. The title that pits four gamers against a player-controlled and ever-evolving beast has finally debuted the third monster that users can get their hands on next year. Get ready for the newly announced Wraith.

This new monster is the smallest addition to Evolve yet, something that may initially put off aficionados of the previously announced behemoths like the Kraken, but this femme fatale has a number of tactics at her disposal that make her a threat to any would-be hunters. Taking on a more ninja-esque approach, the Wraith is able to use a handful of maneuvers such as Warp Blast, Decoy, Abduction and Super Nova. What exactly do these do? We're glad you asked.

Warp Blast allows the new beast to instantly teleport to a target which then creates an explosion upon her arrival – launching foes and delivering damage in the process. Decoy, on the other hand, is used to gain the attention of hostile hunters while making the user's monster invisible. Once unseen, players then have the option of busting out the Wraith's Abduction maneuver, which allows the living nightmare-fodder to grab a hunter and immediately disappear with them. Last, but not least, after luring any remaining and unsuspecting hostiles to their kidnapped teammate's corpse, the Wraith can unleash her Super Nova – creating a giant bubble around the area that supercharges her and her scythe-like arms – but it will only work as long as she remains within it.

Evolve Wraith Trailer

All of this information makes it sound as if Wraith will be a worthwhile addition to Evolve's current lineup of controllable creatures, but there was another major announcement made by Turtle Rock that should intrigue those that aren't too fond of online play. As some have likely already deduced, there will be an offline single-player campaign for anyone that wants to partake in some monster (or hunter) stalking. Every mode, character and monster can be played, and solo artists can even swap between hunters on the fly if they so desire.

Finally, 2K Games detailed the title's impending Xbox One beta that'll be arriving on January 15th and run until the 19th, and this will offer players on Microsoft's platform the exclusive chance to play Evolve's Evacuation campaign. Those repping other forms of hardware needn't worry, however, as limited betas will be released to test the "server infrastructure" for the upcoming PC and PS4 versions.

Overall, it's been a good day for those awaiting Evolve details and, given the gap still lingering before the title's upcoming release, there's likely still even more yet to come.

What do you think of the new monster? Worthwhile addition or lacklustre leviathan? Get at us in the comments!


Evolve is scheduled to arrive on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 10, 2015.

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