'Evolve' Saint Patrick's Day Community Event Revealed

After releasing to mixed reviews in mid February, Evolve has seen its fair share of controversies, many of which originate from its heavy reliance on downloadable content. Along with the game being a new IP featuring a number of unique ideas with its 4 versus 1 online only gameplay, Evolve represents a big risk for developer Turtle Rock Studios.

Since the game's release, the studio has been working to keep its player base happy with promises of free content and more recently, community events filled with rewards. A brand new event kicks off today enticing participation with the promise of new weapon skins.

Fans of the asymmetrical multiplayer game can take part in a special community challenge known as the "Evolve St. Patrick's Trapper Challenge" starting today. Players (as a community) will need to win a total of 35,000 games playing Griffin the Trapper. If the community can successfully reach this number before the event concludes on Sunday, everyone who participated will earn a special Trapper Predator Weapon Skin.

While Griffin is not Irish or related to St. Patrick's Day in any overt sense, Turtle Rock thought to use the Trapper for this event because of his green-tinted clothing. Moreover, the weapon skin reward for the event also has a green theme to it, but it colors all Trapper weapons not just Griffin's.

This event is the second to occur since Evolve's release, with the first taking place a couple weeks ago. During that event players could unlock gold skins for their weapons, a nod at Evolve's expensive DLC selection if we've ever seen one. Previously, these special skins were reserved specifically for the developers to help distinguish themselves from other players, but they have begun their outward proliferation.

Lately, the news hasn't been so great for Evolve as Steam data has shown that the player base has been falling since the game's release in mid February. However, community events like the one listed above and the various free content drops coming like Spectator mode and new maps look to stem the tide by retaining current players while also attracting more. We'll see if they make an impact.

If you're someone who has already left the game, do these community based events make you want to return? Lets us know below in the comments.

The Saint Patrick's Trapper Challenge is live now and will end on Sunday, March 22 at 9pm PDT.

Source: Gamespot (via Evolve)

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