'Evolve' Progress Deleted When Switching Between Consoles

Evolve Hunters Looking for Monster

It seems these days that if a gamer is going to pick up a current-gen title within its first week of release than they better be prepared for problems. It’s not a very good precedent to be setting, but alas new game after new game continues to prove that the growing pains of these new platforms – or potentially these newer games – are still present.

The latest in the ongoing list of current-gen troubles is a rare, but no less nasty, save file problem with the 4v1 asymmetrical multiplayer game Evolve. According to players on multiple platforms, switching consoles (within the same family) oftentimes in a complete wipe of their progress.

It’s unclear what exactly is causing the bug, but it seems to creep up anytime a player starts Evolve on one console and then tries to access their save file from another. Rather than pick up where they left off, the player discovers that all of their progress is gone. Not gone in the sense that they can’t find it, but gone in that it has been overwritten.

Now some might think that, what with Evolve being a multiplayer-focused game, a save file bug isn’t much of a problem. But, because Evolve uses multiplayer accomplishments as a way to unlock new Hunters, skins for weapons, and skill perks, it actually is a pretty deflating issue.

Evolve Day One Patch

So far, Turtle Rock Studios has yet to address the issue publicly, but there’s no doubt they are working on a fix. In our interview with Evolve Design Director Chris Ashton, he said that the team is flexible enough to institute game fixes on the fly, but it may take some time for those patches to get through the certification process. So, for the time being, we’d recommend sticking to one current-gen console for Evolve play sessions, or run the risk of losing progress and Elite Skins.

Hot off the controversy surrounding the game’s numerous DLC items ($136 worth to be exact), Evolve has now run up a more serious problem. While there’s no doubt Turtle Rock will fix the bug, its proliferation certainly hurts the game’s standing among gamers. We’re still making our way through the game ourselves, but look for Game Rant’s full review early next week.

Have you encountered this save file problem with Evolve? Have you noticed any other glaring issues with the game?

Evolve is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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