'Evolve' Trailer Reveals Savage Goliath Monster Skin

Evolve Savage Goliath Trailer


Had developer Turtle Rock Studios stuck to their original plan, much of the multiplayer gaming conversation right now would be about Evolve, the new cooper-petitive shooter. However, after the game shifted dates to 2015 for more polish, Evolve has taken a few steps back from the limelight.

Nevertheless, Evolve still stands as one of the more intriguing next-gen releases, and its accolades have done nothing but reinforce that sentiment. It is for those reasons that many gamers have already started pre-ordering Evolve – that and the chance to participate in the "Big Alpha" later this month.

Alongside the pre-order bonus, Turtle Rock and 2K Games have also begun touting the Monster Pass, Evolve's version of the DLC Season Pass that includes, among other things, an exclusive monster and a Goliath skin. Curious gamers can check out the 'Savage Goliath' skin in the trailer above.

Evolve Savage Goliath Trailer

While not an entire redesign for the monster, the Savage Goliath skin does provide a new look to the massive beast. Given that there are only two monsters in the game (so far), these skins will seemingly provide a nice change of scenery. It's also pretty intimidating to see a giant, red beast breathe fire on an unsuspecting group of hunters.

The most appealing element of the Monster Pass, however, is the extra playable monster. Paying extra for said monster isn't going to go over well with gamers, but those who want to get the most out of the game might want to consider the Pass.

All that being said, there's still a lot of Evolve that we need to see before making an informed opinion on the game. What was available during E3 showed promise, but was extremely limited in terms of map and monster selection. These skins might help make things seem a little different but it ultimately comes down to Turtle Rock and whether they can refine Evolve's concept into something that players continually come back to. Making a move to February could prove a smart decision, as there are fewer multiplayer titles releasing then, but we'll have to see.

Will you be pre-ordering Evolve for the beta? What would you like to see from a season pass offering?

Evolve releases February 10, 2015 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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