‘Evolve’ Scores a Release Date and 4 New Hunters

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Ever since Evolve appeared on the cover of Game Informer earlier this year, many gamers the world over have eagerly been anticipating more information on the title. While its initial debut only revealed brief details about the core mechanics and the monster Goliath to make newfound fans salivate, the four-on-one philosophy of the game itself has been the most appealing aspect of the upcoming shooter. Anyone that’s been following the title thus far is well aware that it’ll be rampaging to retailers later this year, but now 2K Games has announced when gamers can lay in wait for the game.

Turtle Rock Studios and 2K Games announced today that Evolve will be arriving on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on October 21, 2014 — much to the sheer delight of gamers in need of shooting up some building-sized baddies. This date, although still several months away, means that fans won’t be waiting too long to sink their teeth into the latest project from the team that worked on Left 4 Dead.

The announcements didn’t stop there either, as a handful of screenshots showcasing brand new Hunters were also released. As the aforementioned Game Informer reports, the names of these new playable characters are Bucket (a support class), Hyde (an assault class), Maggie (a member of the trapper class), and Lazarus (part of the medic class). Each Hunter has their own characteristics that make them valuable for hunting down and disposing of Goliath and the other player-controlled monsters, and they appear to add some nice variation from the previously announced Markov, Griffin, Hank, and Val.

For example, Maggie comes equipped with an array of weapons — including a harpoon gun capable of locking beasts into place — and a trapjaw pet named Daisy that’ll follow her around and attack hostiles. Meanwhile, Bucket is a drone capable of launching missiles, laying down sentry turrets, and detaching his head to do some reconnaissance for his allies. Hyde is known for toting a short-range flamethrower that puts some serious hurt on alien monstrosities, and Lazarus brings players back from the dead at a noticeably quicker pace. All have their own pros and cons, which should make for some nice variations when gamers suit up as either one of them later this year.

Last but not least, a stage called The Dam was announced. This new battle-ready landmass throws gamers into a jagged terrain that’s largely traversable utilizing the jetpacks attached to every respective character. The only drawback to this is that players can easily be separated while jumping from peak to peak, and there’s more than ample opportunity for Goliath or any one of his friends to jump out and claim a Hunter as his victim.

All of this sounds to be the makings of a really enjoyable game — provided the newly announced skill tree pays off — and the options are already significantly more diverse than that of Left 4 Dead. Those that pre-ordered Evolve (thus scoring some nifty little exclusive bonuses in the process) now have a date to mark on their calendars, and it looks like they have a lot to look forward to.

Will you be picking up Evolve this October? What do you think of the newly announced Hunters?


Evolve will be arriving on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on October 21, 2014.

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Source: Game Informer