‘Evolve’ Scores Monstrous Pre-Order Bonuses

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While many gamers are still awaiting Left 4 Dead 3 — or another Valve-developed game that ends with a 3 — the original developer behind the four-player zombie shooter, Turtle Rock Studios, has moved onto an entirely new IP with a brand new publisher. Revealed earlier this month by Game Informer, Evolve will pit a team of four against a massive player-controlled monster, with the loser being vanquished and/or devoured by the opposing force.

Based on what’s been highlighted for the game thus far, it’s easy to see why 2K Games fell in love with the concept prior to purchasing the rights to Evolve from the now defunct THQ, and now the company has revealed the pre-order bonuses that’ll be given to fans who commit to purchasing the new game ahead of its release later this year. The incentives themselves are fairly standard for any game, but the inclusion of a future downloadable monster for Evolve is something that’ll save consumers a few bucks.

All together, the pre-order bundle, officially titled the Monster Expansion Pack, comes with the following:

  • A Savage Goliath Skin
  • A New Monster Character Free

Evolve Preorder Bonuses

An alternate skin for the Goliath monster should be a neat little bonus for those excited enough about the game in its pre-release state, but that unrevealed monster that accompanies the incentive is a real point of interest. According to the fine print, this creature will become available at some point after Evolve has hit store shelves; although details about the downloadable monstrosity are still nowhere to be found on the websites of the various retailers hosting the promotion.

Turtle Rock Studios clearly isn’t ready to go into detail about the additional playable monsters that’ll be taking up residence in the game. Once they have revealed all the beasts shipping with the final product though, it appears that additional ones are indeed planned to become available post-launch. Since more content will be arriving after Evolve‘s release, it’s very likely that a season pass will also be announced at some point in the near future.

North American gamers can score the Monster Expansion Pack by pre-ordering Evolve at Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Gamestop, Toys ‘R’ Us and Walmart, while gamers in the UK can only score the content through Amazon for the time being.

Is the Monster Expansion Pack a good pre-order bonus for Evolve? Are you excited for Turtle Rock’s upcoming game?


Evolve will be hitting Xbox One, PS4, and PC some time later this Fall.

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Source: IGN