New 'Evolve' Trailer Shows Off Explosive And Ferocious New Hunters

Evolve New Hunters New Map Trailer


If there's one thing that always seems to feel right at home in the world of gaming, it's giant monsters. It's one thing to see them rampaging across the silver screen, but to actually take control of that rampage is another thing entirely. This is one of the primary reasons why Evolve has taken the gaming industry by storm. Power is an alluring thing, so to have the ability to step into the ever-growing hide of the Goliath is a very appealing prospect.

Going on a rampage would hardly be the same if it weren't for a group of dangerous foes whose sole purpose is to end your fun though. As such, Turtle Rock Studios began by introducing players to Markov, Griffin, Hank and Val. These four hunters represent Evolve's different classes: assault, trapper, support and medic respectively. As if to build upon this notion, four new hunters were recently announced to represent alternative play-styles for each of these classes. Now, thanks to the most recent trailer, gamers can get a glimpse of these new hunters in action.

It's immediately refreshing to see how the play-styles of these new hunters will vary from their previously-revealed contemporaries. In the case of the trapper class, where Griffin acts as a more patient, passive hunter who relies on his cunning and smarts to defeat the monster, Maggie and her pet Daisy represent a much more aggressive type trapper who instead will find themselves actively chasing after the monster and getting into the middle of the fray.

This sort of distinction is something that many games seem to ignore. The perspective of each point of the holy trinity (defense, healing, damage) can become rather narrow, making for a bland experience. By expanding this perspective and allowing a single class to be approached in multiple very different ways, it keeps the experience fresh for the player and encourages experimentation with the tools they are given.

Evolve New Hunters New Map Trailer

The new trailer also shows off Evolve's latest map entitled The Dam. Not only will it confine players to a tighter battlefield comprised of massive rock spires, but it also introduces a deadly neutral force that will threaten both the hunters and monster. This neutral force comes in the form of fearsome beasts that litter the landscape and won't think twice about attacking anything that gets in their way.

From the camouflaging rock-like Megamouths to the aggressive Dune Beetles, the wildlife of The Dam can be just as dangerous to the hunters as the monster (with the Megamouth in particular capable of swallowing hunters whole). For the monster, Dune Beetles represent the biggest external hurdle. Putting aside the physical danger they pose, they will also compete for food in the landscape, cutting off the monster's supply and thus limiting its evolutionary power.

If it wasn't already clear from the game's focus on effective cooperation and the game's "Happy Hunting" trailer, teamwork will be just as important an asset as raw skill when it comes to survival in Evolve's harsh landscapes. With at least one more playable monster set to join the fray, Evolve is looking like a multiplayer-loving gamer's dream. If Turtle Rock can effectively capture the feeling of going on a rampage as a fearsome monster, they will likely have a hit on their hands.

What alternate takes on the existing classes would you like to see? Do you see yourself as a more offensive or defensive player?


Evolve crashes onto the Xbox One, PS4, and PC on October 21, 2014.

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