'Evolve' Evolves: Screenshots Show Monster Skill Tree

Evolve Goliath Progression

Since its announcement details concerning Evolve, the 4-vs.-1 co-op shooter By Turtle Rock Studios, have been hard to come by for those interested in the game's finer points. The cinematic debut trailer trailer released over two months ago, setting out the basic premise: four Hunters (of different classes with different abilities) take on one player-controlled monster. Since then, the studio that brought gamers Left 4 Dead has remained relatively quiet, but new screenshots show that they may have several game-changing secrets promising a deep experience for every player.

To date, the developers have shown that over the course of a match, the monsters being hunted (with the Goliath the only one revealed thus far) will grow in size and abilities every time they acquire enough experience to - say it with us now - evolve. While Turtle Rock has remained tight-lipped concerning the other monsters and mechanics they'll utilize, they have shown a great emphasis on customization and diverse strategies for the human Hunters.

Now new reports and images have surfaced online showing that the monsters, too, will have a range of abilities to choose from, giving players some choice in the acquisition of abilities or upgraded attacks. With each evolution, it seems, players will be able to spend points on either unlocking new attacks, or making existing ones more powerful. If accurate (and more than a surface-level of customization) the mechanic will certainly help Turtle Rock add variety to their multiplayer experience; something design director and studio founder Chris Ashton previously said was an element missing from Left 4 Dead.

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While each class of Hunter will feature multiple characters (representing different loadouts) it is not clear yet if the Goliath (or other monsters) will have multiple models, or different evolution forms to choose from in a similar way. But it seems the developers are at least giving the outnumbered players a way to form their own strategy.

Prospective players will no doubt be happy to see a clearer explanation of the different challenges and variety of locations, it is far too early to tell what the finished experience will resemble. Seeing some short segments of gameplay footage but not a complete match doesn't give a true indication of how balanced the multiplayer experience will be. With a proposed release window of Fall 2014, Turtle Rock is clearly holding off more information, and perhaps even a demo or publich showing come E3 2014.

What do you think? Is this new customizable Goliath something that provides an even playing field, or do you believe the gameplay will be one-sided? Does this make you even more excited, or more cautious? Let us know in the comments below!


Evolve is targeting a Fall 2014 release date on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: AGB

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