Turtle Rock Studios, the developer behind the multiplayer games Left 4 Dead and Evolve releases a job listing seeking animators for a brand new title.

Game developers generally try to keep upcoming titles under wraps, and are often successful until it comes time to register for a trademark or some kind of leak occurs. However, gamers often get their first hint that a new game is coming long before then when job listings appear, and Turtle Rock Studios is the latest developer to reveal the existence of a new game in this manner.

The news of a new game from the developer behind Left 4 Dead and Evolve comes in the form of a job listing on their official website. The listing is looking for animators and specifically states that it’s a position for a currently unannounced new IP. Based on this job listing, Turtle Rock Studios has a new game in the works, and that it’s unlikely to be a sequel or spin-off to Evolve.

The job listing makes mention of the game being a “cutting edge game” and that it will be focusing on next-gen systems, and that they’re specifically seeking animators who have a strong skills in creating combat and character movement. However, nothing further is known about the game, and the developer may choose to wait to announce anything official about it until further into the development cycle, or perhaps at E3 2016.

evolve monster gameplay

It’s difficult to speculate on what the game will be about, but one can hope that Turtle Rock Studios has learned from its prior mistakes. While Turtle Rock and Valve’s partnership to bring Left 4 Dead to gamers was a massive success, Evolve is another matter. While Evolve initially garnered fair reviews, it quickly turned into a flop as the playerbase dried up, leaving few opportunities for gamers to find anyone to actually play the game online with.

It could potentially be years before this game makes it way to gamers, since Turtle Rock is still in the hiring process. However, gamers could still potentially have a new game by Turtle Rock Studios to play sooner than their other major creation, Left 4 Dead, has a sequel. Despite rumors of Left 4 Dead 3 releasing in 2017, Valve (who now owns all the rights to the series) has yet to announce anything regarding a possible third game in the zombie FPS survival series.

Turtle Rock Studios is a relatively young development studio with a mixed history of successes and failures. As long as they keep in mind what made their prior games work and what completely failed, the new game could potentially be a success. However, if they repeat the mistakes they made with Evolve, it could end up on a list of the most disappointing games of the year, just like Evolve did.

Source: Turtle Rock Studios