‘Evolve’ 4v1 Interactive Trailer Highlights Co-Op & Competitive Gameplay

By | 2 years ago 

With their new cooperative shooter Evolve, developer Turtle Rock Studios is looking to build upon the lessons learned working on the Left 4 Dead franchise. In fact, as punny as it may sound, one could argue that Evolve is the next evolution of Left 4 Dead‘s multiplayer concept.

To better illustrate that point Turtle Rock has put together a new 4v1 interactive trailer that features an online multiplayer match seen from 5 different angles, 6 if you count the commentary track. In the trailer (seen above) viewers can switch between any of the four playable hunter classes (Assault, Trapper, Support, or Medic), the hulking Goliath monster, or a separate commentary track simply by clicking the icons at the bottom of the video.

It’s arguably a lot to take in, but the footage of Evolve in action is nonetheless impressive. Thus far, we have only seen Evolve in bits and pieces, but this is our first time not only to see an actual match in action, but from the perspective of all five playable characters.

The footage also highlights the various abilities of the four hunter classes, showing viewers how each class can potentially hold their own one-on-one but more importantly how working as a team is the key to success. Take the Trapper class, for example, which has a harpoon for snaring the Goliath and a mobile arena deployment to keep the Goliath in battle. The class may be able to make a slight dent on the Goliath’s armor, but if he can trap the monster then the Assault class can swoop in and deal some heavy damage. It’s a pretty creative riff on co-op and competitive multiplayer if you ask us.

Evolve Interactive Trailer

That being said, there are a few hiccups in the footage, like the way the Goliath walks through seemingly dense foliage or a flock of birds with little resistance (e.g. it walks right through them). This is, of course, an early look at the game, so it’s unfair to criticize that admittedly tiny detail just yet.

Even though the footage does end with a cliffhanger, it still provides the most comprehensive look at he Evolve experience we’ve seen yet. It’s a shame Turtle Rock couldn’t have let the match run a little longer so we could have seen the other two phases of the Goliath’s evolution, and what abilities unlock as a result, but we suspect they are saving that bigger reveal for a later date.

What do you think about Evolve after seeing most of a full match in action? Would you rather play as one of the four human characters or the Goliath?

Evolve is targeting a Q3 release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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