This Is A Playable Monster in Co-op Shooter 'Evolve'

Evolve - First Monster Goliath Art Revealed

Earlier this week Game Informer teased an exciting reveal for their February cover and it wasn't long after that Evolve was unveiled for gamers to begin getting exciting about. And rightfully so considering the co-op shooter comes from Turtle Rock Studios, creators of Left 4 Dead.

This time around, instead of four players teaming up to fight off and survive against hordes of fast-moving zombies, Evolve pits players against a single, giant beast, one that's controlled by a fifth player, making the title co-operative and asymmetrically competitive at the same time. But what sort of beast can fend of four well-armed played-controlled hunters? After three years of development time it's time to meet Goliath, one of the monsters of Evolve.

The matches in the main multiplayer mode (called 'Hunt') of Evolve involve four players against the Goliath (or one of the other player-controlled monsters yet to be revealed), with the kicker being that the boss - as the game's title suggests - evolves. There are different monsters in the game and they change form and acquire other abilities by consuming wildlife. Game Informer detailed the first of the monsters that Turtle Rock Studios is ready to showcase - this is Goliath who you'll recognize from the Game Informer cover reveal.

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This particular monster can reportedly jump to incredible height and can lift and toss boulders from the ground. The Goliath starts out as a 10-foot creature but over this three evolutions grows to be 30-feet tall, his different designs modeled after varying pieces of concept art. He walks ton two feet and features a spiked tail. Some of the early art showcases four arms but in an attempt to add some sense of realism and practicality to the designs, the two extra limbs were removed for the final designs. Turtle Rock Studios boss Chris Ashton:

"We knew we wanted him to be the first monster that would ever be revealed, and the first monster that players would have access to, and the first one the media would see. So we wanted it to be recognizable and not too weird."

In addition to slamming the ground hard, seemingly causing an explosion on impact, Goliath can also breathe fire and charge with great speeds. Add those attacks to its ability to toss large rocks and it seems that this particular monster is dangerous at all ranges.

We're very curious how different the other monsters are and how they can take advantage of different environments on the planet Shear. Here's hoping for a flying monster!



Evolve releases for next-gen platforms at an unspecified date in time.

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