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The alien creature set to terrorize players in Evolve may be the most recognizable character featured in Turtle Rock's upcoming shooter, but it certainly isn't the only one (and we don't just mean its many evolved forms). The player will have the choice of four distinct character classes, each specialized to work best in a squad of four Hunters.

The latest Hunter character to be detailed brings a bit of personality to the standard multiplayer class system. The developers of Left 4 Dead showed a talent for creating unique, and oftentimes eccentric characters; if 'Griffin' is a sign of what's to come, they have only gotten better with age.

The new information comes courtesy of Game Informer's ongoing coverage, as the developers slowly reveal more and more of their next-gen, cooperative/competitive monster hunt. The team has already introduced prospective players to 'Markov,' the first Assault class character players will encounter, and now it's time for the Trapper class to get its time in the spotlight.

Where the Assault class will be used to both absorb massive damage and return it in kind, the Trapper class requires a bit more of a strategy. As his hat and facial hair imply, Griffin takes the task of hunting down the prey of Shear quite seriously - and he comes equipped with items designed specifically to contain, not necessarily kill, the Hunters' quarry.

Evolve Character Details Griffin

The most notable accessory of Griffin's (again, once you get past that stunning facial hair) is his Harpoon Gun, a weapon that even this early on seems to pack the potential necessary to either succeed or fail in bringing down the player-controlled monster. Once Griffin hits the monster with a harpoon, it links man and beast, keeping it from escaping, allowing the more offensive members of the squad to inflict damage.

Once the monster is cornered, Griffin is also able to deploy a Mobile Arena; a portable dome which entraps anything or anyone inside of it (which can be used to contain the monster, or offer the players a brief reprieve from attack). Since the entire philosophy of the game so far seems to be a constant tug-of-war between the Goliath and the Hunters, both the Harpoon and Mobile Arena can be disrupted if the monster concentrates its attack on Griffin - potentially escaping, but becoming vulnerable to other players in the meantime.

Evolve Trapper Class Details

While each character class - Trapper, Assault, Medic and Support - will feature several different characters, every Trapper comes equipped with the Mobile Arena. But Griffin in particular proves effective not only with his Harpoon Gun, but his 'Sound Spikes' as well. These items can be placed into the ground, causing the monster to appear on the Hunters' maps if the monster should trigger them. Placement is key, and like the Harpoon Gun, proves how effective a Trapper can be if used properly.

It's still unknown exactly how many characters in each class the developers have lined up - and how widely their character-specific items and weapons will vary - but even if the number is smaller than some might hope, there seems to be enough nuance and tactical thinking behind their creation to keep devoted multiplayer shooter fans engaged.

Expect more details and images to arrive as more of the classes are revealed. For now, which character design or class has gotten your attention? Will Evolve be on your radar as release approaches? Sound off in the comments.


Evolve is targeting a Fall 2014 release for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Source: Game Informer

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