'Evolve's Interactive Kraken Trailer Has 5 Perspectives To Choose From

Evolve requires a total of five players to be played: four hunters and one monster. With all the hunters being different classes, and the monster always leveling up and changing form, it's proven difficult to show the game to people so that they can see everything the two sides have to offer.

As such, developer Turtle Rock has released a new trailer today featuring the Kraken --one of three monsters in the game-- squaring off against four other players. The best part about this particular trailer, however, is that it allows viewers to jump between the five different player perspectives in real-time. Been watching the monster do its thing while fleeing the hunters, but want to check in on the Medic? Entirely doable.

And don't let the trailer's lengthy run-time bother you, all five perspectives are edited into one long video, but each individual one only plays for about 13 minutes, including the commentary perspective featuring Dave "DBSinclair" Blank and Justin "J-Party" Sousa.

Heading into the Evolve Big Alpha, getting a feel for how each class plays and the roles they fill would probably be beneficial to those that managed to get into the Alpha, which kicks off today for PC and PS4, and ends on November 2, 2014. Xbox One players got a day's head start when it began on October 30.

In addition to the new Kraken trailer, Turtle Rock has debuted a new, five-part series that delves into the development of Evolve. Appropriately named "The Evolution of Evolve," and hosted by Adam Sessler, the first episode in the making-of series tackles the idea of asymmetrical gameplay for a game in which both sides are capable of winning and losing (or being seen as the "underdog"), as well as what it's like heading into a closed Alpha of this size --it is called the Big Alpha after all.

With regards to what kind of statistics they were looking for this weekend, Evolve's Design Director Chris Ashton explained that the studio was really looking at everything, including the win/loss ratios for the Kraken and Goliath.

"It's going to be interesting because we have Kraken and Goliath in this one. So what's the win/loss ratio, is it going to be comparable [between the two]?

We just know that no matter how many games we play, there will probably be more games played in the first day of this Big Alpha than have been played ever in the history of Evolve. And then there's also just player feedback. What things did they like, what things did they not like?"

Evolve is set to launch on February 10, 2015 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. You can pre-order the game now to get a new playable monster and the Goliath's Savage skin from the Monster Expansion Pack for free as soon as it releases.

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