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Turtle Rock has kept its community in the loop when it comes to the studio's upcoming co-operative shooter, Evolve. For the developer, the community is one of their main focuses, with the intent being to keep players around as long as possible by constantly giving them new things to do. To this end, the game's had a couple of early alpha tests across PC, PS4 and Xbox One (though one ran into a bit of trouble); the studio launched a behind-the-scenes dev series to show more of Evolve's development process, and any future DLC maps will be released for free for everyone to enjoy.

With the game due out in a few short months, Turtle Rock has decided to give fans another opportunity to influence the game, if only a little bit. Since the game became available for pre-order, a fourth, unannounced monster has been hinted at, and that's what today's community input deals with.

Beginning today, November 24, 2014, and concluding on December 1st, fans can take part in #NameThatMonster by voting on the name of the fourth playable beast, which is currently in the prototyping stage of development and having its design and powers finalized.

"In the next few weeks as [Design Director Chris Ashton] and the Turtle Rock crew finish the game, they will turn to working on the fourth Monster in earnest.

That’s right, that fourth Monster we keep mysteriously alluding to – the one you get for free when pre-ordering Evolve – is still under development. ...and, well, we want you to help select a name. We’ve narrowed it down to a few that we feel best reflects what this Monster is all about. What should we call it?"

Those interested in voicing their opinion regarding what the name of the monster should be can head to While this may not be as cool as, say, playing through test builds of in-development monsters and choosing your favorite, this is still a simple and effective way to keep the community involved without taking up too much time.

Besides, the mystery has to be drawn out, and the four choices for names - Juggernaut, Titan, Colossus, and Behemoth - combined with the above image do a decent job of teasing a creature that's quite large and equally terrifying. Coming form the studio that made Left 4 Dead and its Tank special infected, we should expect nothing less.

Presumably, you can only vote once, so no breaking the system or trying to sub in other names. Regardless of how creative or clever they may be. Maybe coordinate with other players to boost the overall votes for a particular name. As of this time, the Behemoth is in the lead with Colossus close behind.

Evolve releases on February 10, 2015 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Turtle Rock

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