'Evolve' Features $136 Worth of DLC at Launch

Evolve 136 dollars DLC

Evolve was one of the most anticipated titles of 2015 leading up to its release. The beta alone amounted in 2 million games played, and was one of our most sought-after games of the year. The multiplayer monster hunter went gold a month ago, and released to a wave of positive provisional reviews, with some reviewers waiting to see whether Evolve faces the same problems as Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

That said, the game is not without its critics. Certain sections of the gaming community have raised concerns over the title’s reliance on downloadable content. Developer Turtle Rock has made its plans about Evolve’s DLC perfectly clear from the off, although the developer did try to alleviate concerns by stating that Evolve’s DLC was not meant as a pure money-making tool. Take-Two Interactive also responded to the additional content criticism, defending the strategy and stating that the controversy surrounding Evolve could be seen as a “good thing.”

Now, we can get a good look at exactly how much DLC Evolve has at launch. The 4-versus-1 multiplayer shooter has released alongside a staggering $136 worth of DLC in online storefronts – and that's not including the DLC season pass. It’s a huge sum for any title, let alone one that is a brand new property vying for a place in a heavily saturated market.

Evolve 136 dollars dlc 2

The downloadable content rolls in at a grand total of 44 items. Most of these items are cosmetic in nature, including personalization options for the game’s monsters, such as the Goliath Bog Skin and the Kraken Wendigo Skin. The packs currently sit in the $2-$7 price range, whilst the season pass – which promises players the chance to play as an additional 4 hunters amongst other content – comes in at $25.

It should be noted, however, that even the most ardent Evolve fan is unlikely to spend the full $136 on DLC. There are certain deals in place that allow players to get themed skins at a discounted rate. For instance, the Bog Monster Skin Pack will get players the Bog skins for the Wraith, Kraken and Goliath. That comes in at $7, instead of the separate price of $3 per skin. Not all DLC for the title is set to come at a price, either. Turtle Rock has promised that all new Evolve game modes and maps will be free to the entire player base, instead of having any additional cost.

It remains to be seen whether the DLC costs are going to work out as a success for Turtle Rock and Evolve. Some of the most notable examples of pay-for add-ons consumer backlash have been due to unnecessary personalization and skin options, such as the infamous Oblivion horse armor debacle. However, Turtle Rock will likely steer clear of DLC notoriety if it manages to live up to its word on free content and game modes; a respect for a game’s fanbase, particularly when open beta testing has been so key to ironing out any kinks, can go a long way in this industry.

Evolve is out now for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Source: Gamespot

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