Free 'Evolve' Maps are Timed Exclusives on Xbox One

Evolve Free DLC 2 new maps

Evolve released in February to mixed reviews, due to the unique challenges associated with 4-vs-1 asymmetrical multiplayer. Reviews touted that when matched with balanced players the experience was enjoyable and refreshing, but too often gamers would find themselves on a disjointed team or lopsided battle. With Evolve offering unique, but potentially frustrating, experiences players can oftentimes lose interest.

Unfortunately for Turtle Rock Studios that loss of appeal is already occurring, as highlighted by a steady drop in player base on Steam. To combat the decline in gamers, Turtle Rock announced today the release date for the first wave of free DLC maps.

The first free map is Broken Hill Mine, which boasts three visually distinct areas: a rocky quarry, a venom hound nest and a section with an enormous conveyor belt. While traveling through these areas, the Monster benefits from destructible shortcuts, allowing quicker access to new areas.

The second free map, Broken Hill Foundry, is an “overlapping mix of open areas, corridors and low ceilings [that] create new tactical options for both Monster and Hunter players.” If the Hunters can take advantage of those new tactical options, they will be rewarded with supercharged jetpacks. However, if the Monster is in the lead, they will benefit from increased melee attacks.

Evolve Free Map Broken Hill Foundry

Both maps will be available as free DLC on March 31, but only to Xbox One owners. PC and PS4 gamers won't have to wait too long, though, as the DLC will hit their platforms on April 30.

For PS4 and PC gamers, that month of Xbox One exclusivity may not go over well, especially if they feel penalized for purchasing on the 'wrong' platform. Exclusive deals are nothing new, though, despite their controversial nature. Just look at the way Rise of the Tomb Raider's Xbox One exclusivity isolated a whole section of the franchise's fan base.

Moving forward, some would prefer Turtle Rock refrain from isolating any additional players, especially after its massive Day One DLC drew raised eyebrows. In total, Turtle Rock included 44 items at a staggering $136 worth of DLC at launch.

However, the initial DLC mentioned only includes cosmetic upgrades and Turtle Rock did state that all map packs for Evolve would remain free. On the other hand, Hunters and Monsters will be paid DLC, although players who don't purchase a specific character will still be able to play with those with all characters, which is not always the case for some titles.

Turtle Rock continues to enhance the Evolve player experience, and recover goodwill after its launch, with the release of a new spectator mode as additional free DLC. For those interested, Turtle Rock plans a livestream at 3 PM PDT to review their spectator mode and showcase more of Broken Hill.

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