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From the developers of Left 4 Dead, Evolve took that formula and expanded it to pit four players against one monster. The title garnered a lot of pre-release hype, but stumbled out of the gate and quickly lost a good portion of its player base due to bugs and a major DLC controversy. While more content, modes, and characters arrived over time, Turtle Rock Studios ultimately made the announcement that it was ending support for the game. After two years, fans now know when the game is officially coming to an end.

In an updated post on the 2K support forums, the company revealed a timeline of events for Evolve as it makes its transition into a legacy product. On July 2, 2K is removing virtual currency bundles including gold and silver keys which are used to unlock monsters, characters, and other cosmetic items. On September 3, the in-game store is shutting down, Evolve Stage 2 will be removed from the Steam store, and dedicated servers will be turned off.

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For Evolve owners, the game can still be played beyond September 3, though it'll be through peer-to-peer matchmaking. All previously unlocked content will still be available in the newly rebranded Evolve Legacy version, though once the store shuts down, nothing more can be unlocked. In addition to the store and dedicated servers, September 3 also marks the end of Ranked Hunt mode, Leaderboards, in-game newsfeed, and player profile data.

The game experienced a slight boost in popularity after going to free-to-play on Steam two years ago. Known as Evolve Stage 2, Turtle Rock attempted to re-capture the magic that was there before the game launched by overhauling the game, retooling character classes, and fixing a number of nagging issues. The plan worked as the community returned to the game and kept it alive for another two years. Unfortunately, plans to bring this free update to consoles never transpired as the studio moved on to its next project.

Evolve is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: 2K Support

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