‘Evolve’ Debut Trailer Wishes Gamers ‘Happy Hunting’

By | 3 years ago 

January proved to be a fruitful month for gamers that are fond of co-operative titles, as Turtle Rock Studios (the studio that originally created the concept and worked on Valve’s Left 4 Dead franchise) finally pulled the curtain off of its long in-development game Evolve. After the studio’s project was picked up by 2K Games following the collapse of THQ, many weren’t sure what to expect from the game. An exposé in Game Informer last month provided gamers with a look into the Evolve universe, but a trailer for the title was sorely lacking.

Now 2K Games and Turtle Rock have rectified that erroneous method of thought by releasing a new trailer that wishes fans “Happy Hunting.” The trailer’s release was confirmed by a teaser video earlier last week, and that was more than enough to get those who’ve quickly become supporters of the game excited.

Evolve Happy Hunting Trailer

While the trailer itself doesn’t feature any actual gameplay — which is a little disappointing given that many journalists have already gone hands-on with the project — it does give credence to the four-on-one philosophy that the developers at Turtle Rock preached during Evolve‘s initial reveal. The entirety of the trailer is also rendered from the in-game engine, so expect the gameplay to look very similar.

Even the song choice was expertly done, as the cover of Danzig’s Mother fits perfectly within the cinematic, effectively contributing to an engaging atmosphere in the process. Meanwhile, the hulking scale of the monster, appropriately named Goliath, is also depicted in a convincing manner, and then end result is a debut trailer that manages to hit quite a few solid notes.

What did you think of the debut trailer for Evolve, Ranters? Did the cinematic hit home for you or will you hold off until seeing some actual gameplay?


Evolve is expected to launch on Xbox One, PS4, and PC in Q3 2014.

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