Meet 'Evolve's First Assault Character, 'Markov'

Evolve by Turtle Rock Studios

The next-gen, cooperative/competitive shooter Evolve may have taken the gaming world by surprise, but just like the grotesque beasts that have become synonymous with the property, it isn't going anywhere.

It's still too early to tell whether playing as the game's four-legged creatures, or the Hunters pursuing them will be the most enjoyable experience, but the developers of Left 4 Dead are keen to create favorite characters for their players, based on much more than class skills and loadouts.

With gameplay based on a team of four Hunters tracking down a massive, player-controlled monster (dubbed the 'Goliath'), it was assumed early on that for fans of customization, strategy, and most importantly, teamwork, playing as a Hunter seemed the logical choice. And that process begins with selecting cone's class: Assault, Trapper, Support, or Medic.

Evolve Game Four Hunters

In Game Informer's continuing coverage, Turtle Rock's Phil Robbs explains that while the Hunter classes may not look equipped for battle, taming the wilds of Shear for the planet's colonists is what they do best. At least, that's what they think:

"That’s sort of their shtick. So they get here, and they’re faced with this much bigger problem... It’s a little more than they were expecting. These monsters, they’re not native to Shear, either, so the hunters suddenly find themselves, ‘Wow, we’re kind of in over our heads here.’ It becomes this sort of battle for survival."

It's still unclear exactly how the game's story will be delivered in a mainly multiplayer presentation - even if the developers have teased that some form of singleplayer will also be available. Those who played through Left 4 Dead can make some educated guesses, as that co-op experiences relied on recognizable cast members and horror movie tropes to build a narrative for players.

And for Evolve, Turtle Rock is using the same approach; but taking the customization and characterizations to a brand new level.

Evolve Markov Screenshot

 Markov, Evolve's first unlocked 'Assault' character

Details on each class have already been uncovered, showing a variety of weapons, strategies, and special items. But just as the grotesque Goliath is only the first monster players will be acquainted with, the same is true of the starting characters, Val (Medic), Markov (Assault), Hank (Support) and Griffin (Trapper).

As the developers have now revealed, each character class will possess not one, but multiple distinct characters with unique loadouts. Certain items will be shared among the class members (for Assault, personal shields are a must), but seasoned shooter fans will have even more chances to hone their selection. In the case of Markov, a set of electric "arc mines" are his signature tool - mines which will only be triggered by Goliaths, but which can damage players once detonated.

The exact number of characters is being kept under wraps, but the team promises that the first ones unlocked will usher players in properly:

"I think for the first guys, we tried to pick the most straightforward ones that are the easiest to grasp,” Robb says. “Subsequent ones will be a little more complex and have just a little more nuance."

Evolve Markov Lightning Rifle

Expect more details and images to arrive as each of the four classes is revealed. For now, which character design or class has gotten your attention? Will Evolve be on your radar as release approaches? Sound off in the comments.


Evolve is targeting a Fall 2014 release for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Source: Game Informer

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