‘Evolve’s Big Alpha Test Hits Just In Time For Halloween

By | 2 years ago 

Turtle Rock Studios is giving those interested in Evolve a chance to play the game before it releases next year via a ‘Big Alpha’ test for the current gen systems and the PC platform. The alpha is technically a timed exclusive, as it’s described by Turtle Rock in a press release, but there’s only a day difference between the alpha on Xbox One and when it arrives for the PS4 and PC.

Just in time to prepare you for Halloween, the Evolve Big Alpha comes first to the Xbox One on Thursday, October 30, 2014 and will continue through the weekend until Sunday, November 2, 2014. Registrations for access to the alpha test can be made over at 2K’s website, which also requires a 15 digit code (that was: 11197-10708-89072, but has since expired) that Turtle Rock noted was good for multiple uses, but should be used quickly. Additional codes will be given out through the Evolve Twitter account, Facebook page and Official Blog.

After its launch on the Xbox One, a limited number of PS4 and PC users will be able to get in on the fun, though it also concludes on Nov. 2. People that pre-order the game seemingly have the greatest ability when it comes to the alpha, as they’ll be able to choose which platform to play it on. Presumably, this means you could pre-order the game for the Xbox One, but play the alpha on PS4. It’s doubtful that there are any benefits to doing that, though, aside from a brief chuckle at how silly it kinda is.

Evolve - Fighting the Kraken

Turtle Rock co-founder and design director Chris Ashton commented on the overall response to Evolve, noting that the alpha will help with development on several features:

“The incredible reactions from early Evolve players have exceeded our highest expectations, but we still have a lot of hard work ahead of us in the coming months. We need to stress test the servers and the matchmaking system, look at balance, unlock rates, etc.”

The brief expansion to multiple platforms for the alpha test was made because Turtle Rock wanted all current-gen console owners to have a shot at playing the game early. But when it comes time for the open beta in January 2015, it’ll still be exclusive to the Xbox One. A bit of a bummer for enthusiastic PS4 and PC players, but shortly after the beta comes the game’s full launch, so it’s not all that bad.

Evolve launches on February 10, 2015 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.