EVO 2019 Followed by Reports of Sexual Assault

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Reports of sexual assault have followed the end of the EVO 2019 fighting game tournament event, which concluded Sunday night. Two different members of the fighting game community have spoken about sexual assault following the event. The first referenced multiple instances of sexual assault "at EVO," the second reports being a victim herself at a post-EVO after-party sponsored by Red Bull. A third EVO attendee reported being "roofied," also at the Red Bull EVO after-party, after receiving a drink intended for one of his women friends.

"Nobody should ever feel unsafe for being part of the [Fighting Game Community]," starts a tweet from EVO tournament player harli. harli says that during the EVO 2019 Red Bull after-party a man sexually assaulted her. After harli confronted the man, a fight broke out between the man and one of harli's friends. The man was then escorted out of the building by staff. harli's since requested help finding more information about the man.

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Twitter user Yohosi, also a tournament player at EVO 2019, posted Monday Morning that, "Friends of mine were sexually assaulted at EVO, others were roofied." Yohosie didn't provide any further information regarding the reported acts, but did note that she didn't know who either of the perpetrators were.

"I wish it was just a vegas problem, but this is an FGC problem as well," reads a Twitter post from Tong Lee, chief of staff for CEO Gaming. Lee says on Twitter that he "took a drink that was intended for a woman friend of mine and that's the last thing I remember all night." He goes on to say that while he is "shook up a little mentally" about being roofied, he's more mad that this is a not uncommon occurrence. Lee didn't provide a name for who he suspects drugged the drink but did say that, "This was at an fgc event, the drink was given to a member of the fgc, from a member of the fgc."

Neither EVO nor Red Bull has officially commented on the alleged incidents.

It's a not uncommon criticism of the fighting game community, and gaming in general that women are treated poorly and often face harassment or even assault. EVO 2019 faced scrutiny over security issues at the Mandalay Bay convention center after long lines were reportedly rushed through security without proper screening. And while after-parties fall outside of the official organization's oversight, Red Bull is a close associate of the event and a sponsored party specifically for the fighting game community reflects poorly on all parties. More could clearly be done to protect attendees.

If anyone at EVO or otherwise has further information regarding any of the above incidents please report it to the proper authorities.

Source: ResetEra

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