EVO 2015 Player Celebrates Comeback Too Early, Loses Match

By | 1 year ago 

No matter if it’s an outdoor sport, an indoor sport, or even an eSport, everyone feels that competitive drive to win. It’s in our nature to try to best our competition and when the odds are stacked against us, the feeling of victory is all the more rewarding. However, it’s important to verify you’ve secured victory before celebrating, a lesson Guilty Gear Xrd Sign player Woshige learned the hard way at EVO 2015.

While most tune into the annual EVO tournaments for intense Street Fighter and Super Smash Bros. competition, the event actually features a wide variety of fighting games. And every year, EVO typically throws a few new games into their rotation, like they did with Mortal Kombat X this year and Guilty Gear Xrd Sign last year.

For Guilty Gear Xrd Sign, EVO fielded a diverse array of competitors, many of whom had shown complete mastery of the game in such a short amount of time. Some competitors could be down to minimal health and still win a match, like Woshige did at EVO 2015.

However, Woshige’s incredible comeback was short-lived, as you can see in the video above. Rather than celebrating a comeback to win the match, Woshige mistakenly celebrated winning a round. And rather than let Woshige celebrate and return to the match, his opponent, Ogawa, decided to make him pay.

EVO 2015 Epic Fail Video

Normally, we feature epic eSports comebacks that have a happy ending, like EVO 2015 Super Street Fighter IV champion Momochi’s victory despite breaking his fight stick. In this case, however, Woshige’s epic blunder was too big not to mention. In fact, the premature celebration drew so much attention in the media that ESPN even featured it as part of their top 10 funny sports moments. Don’t tell Colin Cowherd that they did, though, or else he might quit ESPN. Oh wait…

In the end, Woshige teaches us all a valuable lesson about competitive sports and eSports. Whether it’s dropping the football before clearing the end zone, turning around after lofting a game winning three pointer, or standing up after an epic fighting game comeback, always make sure you’ve secured the victory before celebrating. Or else you might end up on ESPN with grown men in suits laughing at you.

Where does Woshige’s epic fail rank among the funniest eSports moments? What was your favorite moment from EVO 2015?

Source: ESPN (via IGN)