'The Evil Within' Fight for Life Trailer Highlights Creepy Enemies

The Evil Within Fight for Life Trailer


To say that the survival horror genre has struggled as of late would be putting it mildly. While franchises like Resident Evil and Silent Hill once ruled the roost, as of late the options have become slim when it comes to genuinely scary interactive experiences.

The Evil Within hopes to fill that void with a new survival horror experience overseen by genre icon Shinji Mikami. Mikami, who is best known for having created the Resident Evil franchise, has been out of the survival horror game for a while, which makes The Evil Within all the more exciting for fans.

This week, Mikami's new company Tango Gameworks unveiled a new trailer for The Evil Within that highlights the game's gruesome enemies. As most survival horror fans know, the enemies in a horror game can make or break the experience, transforming what would otherwise be a goofy mess into a truly terrifying event.

As the trailer details, protagonist Sebastian Castellanos will have his hands plenty full with a cast of mutated villains that run the gamut from creepy to gory. The Evil Within even offers the trademark unbeatable enemies that were a mainstay of Resident Evil back in the day.

The Evil Within Fight for Life Trailer

Unfortunately for Sebastian (and in turn the player), dispatching these enemies is easier said than done, as ammo is plenty scarce in The Evil Within. To be fair, the player does have access to a handy crossbow weapon, but when it comes to more effective means of combat the focus will be on conservation of resources.

Our hands-on time with the game has proven that the trailer's promises of a genuinely terrifying experience with creepy enemies are not empty ones. Whether or not that through line continues for the whole game, however, is unclear. Mikami is a master when it comes to intricately designed horror enemies and by all accounts The Evil Within looks to continue that trend.

That being said, there are still a lot of question marks with this game. Watching a trailer, or even playing small pieces, can give the chilling sense of a bona fide survival horror experience, but fans have been fooled before (read: Alien: Colonial Marines). Here's hoping Mikami can help give the genre the boost it needs.

What do you think of The Evil Within's latest trailer? Does this look like a solid survival horror game?

The Evil Within releases November 14, 2014 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.


Source: Bethesda

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