'The Evil Within: The Assignment' DLC Trailer Reveals March Release

The Evil Within Assignment DLC Trailer


While the success of Tango Gameworks’ The Evil Within may be up for debate (read our review), it’s hard to deny the survival horror game’s ravenous fan base. Many flocked to The Evil Within in the hopes of seeing a new renaissance of the genre, while others simply followed Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami for the ride; but regardless of why they got on-board The Evil Within train, gamers are still chomping at the bit for more.

As if on cue, Tango Gameworks has swooped in to reveal the teaser trailer 'The Assignment', the first major piece of story DLC for The Evil Within. As evidenced by the trailer above but not really, The Assignment will focus on the character of Juli Kidman, the rookie recruit and new partner of Sebastian Castellanos.

Although the teaser trailer doesn’t show much, it does create an eerie atmosphere and a razor sharp tension. It sounds as if whatever is lurking on the other side of the closed doors is saying, “Must sleep,” but it’s a little hard to make out. Whatever the creature may be, we’re sure that players will want to think twice about heading out into the open.

The most important element of the trailer, though, is the revelation that The Assignment will hit some time in March. It’s been a few months since The Evil Within hit store shelves, but finally players will get some new content next month.

The Evil Within Assignment DLC Trailer

Some will remember that The Evil Within’s post-release DLC plans include a two-part adventure featuring Kidman, which starts with The ASsignment. Essentially, these two DLC pieces will show players what Kidman was doing each time she separated from Sebastian.

Gamers interested in picking up The Assignment can do so as an a la carte offering or with The Evil Within Season Pass for $19.99. As you might have guessed, the Season Pass will include both parts of Kidman’s adventure, but there are currently no details on that second half. For that matter, we’ve only seen about 10 seconds of footage from The Assignment, so it’s hard to predict what types of experiences the DLC will include. However, if Mikami and company can keep the scare factor at the same level as the main campaign of The Evil Within, then we’re sure fans will take the leap.

Are you eager to return to The Evil Within for The Assignment DLC? What do you hope to learn about Kidman?

The Evil Within: The Assignment DLC releases in March for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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