Ever since The Evil Within 2 was revealed at E3 2017 last month, fans have been wondering about some of the technical specifications for the series’ return to the plight of Detective Sebastian Castellanos. The answer for most of these technical questions has now arrived in the form of the game’s Xbox One store listing, where developer Tango Gameworks has provided a few details pertaining to The Evil Within 2‘s graphical fidelity.

The Xbox One Store listing now confirms that Tango Gamework’s upcoming horror title will be Xbox One X enhanced, providing 4K graphics with support for high dynamic ranging. It’s not currently known whether this 4K comes natively or will be upscaled by the console, but given that it isn’t specified from the get-go, one has to imagine that it is likely the latter. There’s no details on whether the PS4 Pro listing will also support upscaled 4k (given that this information is coming straight from Xbox), but Sony-based gamers should be hopeful for a similar resolution for the PS4 Pro as well.

It looks like The Evil Within 2 will be focusing on producing a much deeper story than the original title produced, which means Sebastian will once again be put through the proverbial ringer. The detective will be working with the shadowy corporation MOBIUS, where he’ll be entering the STEM in an attempt to save his daughter. There’s some evident connections to the first title that bring the two unlikely parties together, and it’ll be interesting to see how Tango Gameworks builds upon this to deliver an entertaining survival horror title.

The original title received a generally positive reception, but there was evidently still plenty of room for improvement. Whether the game can connect scares and storyline in a convincing way remains to be seen, but the news that both 4K resolution and Xbox One X enhancements are supported will surely help showcase the horrors that await Casellanos when he reconnects to the STEM. It’s not currently known what the Xbox One X enhancements are in particular, but more news on this will likely arrive closer to the game’s release this fall.

The Evil Within 2 will release on Friday, October 13, 2017 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Xbox