With The Evil Within 2‘s launch just around the corner, it’s not too much of a surprise to learn that the game’s trophy list has leaked prior to the official release. Although the trophies don’t reveal too much about the game’s plot, the subtle references to the story or characters involved in it might still spoil the experience slightly for the more dedicated of fans so we’d advise gamers to proceed at their own risk.

The Evil Within 2 will have a grand total of 52 trophies to unlock (1 Platinum, 1 Gold, 14 Silver, and 36 Bronze). Should a player take the time to discover every trophy in the game, they will be earning a significant 1230 points for their collection, but some of the trophy descriptions suggest that this won’t be easily accomplished even for the more experienced of players.

Of course there are traditional achievements that have made the cut, such as completing the game on various difficulty levels, upgrading weapons, and obtaining collectables, but The Evil Within 2‘s trophy list also holds some very intriguing sounding challenges for players to complete. The full list is available below:

Learn to Survive trophy

Survived the nightmare, and everything in between.

Rookie trophy
Completed the game on Casual difficulty or higher.

Survivor trophy
Completed the game on Survival difficulty or higher.

Against All Odds trophy
Completed the game on Nightmare difficulty or higher.

You Asked For It… Again trophy
Completed the game in Classic Mode.

Welcome to Union trophy
Took the plunge back into STEM.

Taken trophy
Saw a chilling vision.

Not Running This Time trophy
Defeated the Guardian outside City Hall.

The Team Psychologist trophy
Found a potential ally in the Marrow.

Premature Finale trophy
Shut down a bloody performance.

Another Ally trophy
Survived an ordeal with the help of a new friend.

Crossing to the Other Side trophy
Provided a Harbinger sweet release.

Spiritual Awakening trophy
Came to terms with your past and present.

Fire Walk With Me trophy
Made it inside the enemy’s stronghold.

Overcome the Past trophy
Your trauma is no more.

Everything Comes Crumbling Down trophy
Reached the very end of the world.

Unfortunate Consequence trophy
Did what needed to be done to save your daughter.

Backup Ain’t Coming trophy
Completed the “Rogue Signal” side mission.

Skyes Out trophy
Completed the “The Last Step” side mission.

Finally Free trophy
Experienced every traumatic encounter and made peace with your inner demons.

You Got Red in You trophy
Used your first Red Gel.

Stick it in My Veins trophy
Completely upgraded all abilities.

Making Things a Little Easier trophy
Used your first High-Grade Weapon Parts.

Now You’re Playing with Power trophy
Upgraded a weapon to Level 3.

A Little Extra Kick to it trophy
Upgraded one of your Warden Crossbow bolts to max level.

They Never Even Stood A Chance trophy
Completely upgraded all weapons.

DIY trophy
Crafted something for the first time.

Handyman trophy
Crafted every type of item at least once.

Echoes Within STEM trophy
Observed all Residual Memories.

Doing Some Detecting trophy
Collect 20 files.

Diligent Reader trophy
Collected all files.

Half the Stash trophy
Opened 16 lockers.

Locksmith trophy
Opened all lockers.

Good to See You Again trophy
Acquired the Warden Crossbow.

Chatting With Kidman trophy
Talked to Kidman about all of the photographic slides.

Powerhouse trophy
Acquired all standard weapons.

All in the Family trophy
Collected all of the Mysterious Objects.

Caffein Addict trophy
Used every Coffee Maker at least once.

Thinning Them Out trophy
Killed 30 enemies.

Clearing a Path trophy
Killed 60 enemies.

Smoke Assassin trophy
Killed 3 enemies using upgraded Smoke Bolts.

Shock Therapy trophy
Stunned an enemy standing in water using a Shock Bolt.

Wait For It… trophy
Killed an enemy using an Ambush.

Kick, Shoot, Burn trophy
Killed 2 or more enemies at once using oil on the ground.

Bootable Offense trophy
Stomped and killed 15 fallen enemies.

I Am The Night trophy
Killed 10 enemies uisng Sneak Kills.

Sometimes Fighting Isn’t the Answer trophy
Avoided unnecessary bloodshed outside City Hall. (Ch. 5)

Death From Above trophy
Killed 2 or more enemies at once using a hanging lamp. (Ch. 9)

No More Playing With Fire trophy
Stopped a true believer from playing with his favorite toy. (Ch. 11)

Melancholy Memories trophy
Reminisced about every moment from the past. (Ch. 12)

I’ll Take You Down Myself trophy
Brought your own equipment to the barbecue this time. (Ch. 14)

That Cinematic Feel… trophy
Opted for a cinematic experience.

Although the first Evil Within title did hold positive review scores and was seen by many to be an underrated gem, one of the biggest criticisms of the action/horror game was an unlikable main character and a fairly weak story. Thankfully, it seems that Bethesda has learned from its mistakes this time round and although Sebastion Castellanos is returning as the game’s lead, the title will have much more focus on story in the upcoming sequel.

Although the abundance of trailers Bethesda has released so far do look to offer a more promising experience in The Evil Within 2, several fans still worry that the series won’t be the same without famous director Shinji Mikami at the helm. Known for his work on Resident Evil, and of course the first The Evil Within title, Mikami’s exclusion could impact the horror game in a big way, although it’s worth noting that new director John Johanas has plenty of experience with the series too.

The Evil Within 2 releases October 13, 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: PowerPyx