A handful of animated gifs have been shared by Bethesda taken from The Evil Within 2s E3 2017 behind-closed-doors gameplay demos. The four gifs offer a small peek at the three locations shown from The Evil Within 2. For some, these gifs may tantalize, but for others, they might just make the wait for new information all the more frustrating.

The Evil Within 2 section of Bethesda’s booth at E3 2017 was based on a sort of Haunted House, where attendees would walk through or a section filled with several monitors showing different Evil Within 2 gameplay clips. As well as the monitors, there were various other decorations that worked with the gameplay being shown on each monitor, like fake fire or shadowy figures. For a game that’s out in just a few months it was a bit thin on content, but it was a fun E3 booth.

The first gameplay demo being shown features a fiery home. In the demo Sebastian breaks into the house as it begins to crumble, proceeding to climb through flaming debris. What Sebastion is looking for remains unclear.

The second demo features Sebastian watching a couple of monstrous humanoid enemies, one of which is dragging a body. Sebastian pulls out a pistol and takes a few shots, but it ends… poorly for him.

The final demo shows an odd gallery-like location with a murderous man using strange powers. There’s also a victim who is turned into a piece of art where his death is repeated over and over.

How to connect the three scenes together is perhaps the greatest mystery of all, since the three demos are rather disjointed. Perhaps they’re simply meant to show varied gameplay – a mix of fast-paced exploration, combat, and stealth. The original The Evil Within is well known for its striking, varied locations and gameplay, and it seems like The Evil Within 2 story will follow suit. Odds are Sebastian doesn’t even know exactly what’s going on, just that going backwards isn’t an option.

Sebastian has extra reason to survive and fight on in The Evil Within 2. Bethesda has decided to share that the sequel will focus on Sebastian trying to save his daughter, which he had believed was lost long ago. While The Evil Within 2‘s story is likely not as straight forward as it seems, it’s an interesting place to start. Shinji Mikami may not be directing this sequel, but he managed to make the original game so insane that anything less in The Evil Within 2 would be terribly disappointing.

The Evil Within 2 is scheduled to launch on October 13 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.