'Evil Dead' Game Coming to iOS Devices

Evil Dead iTunes Game

Just in time for Halloween a video has been released that states Evil Dead will be coming to iOS devices soon. Those who are familiar with the Evil Dead games are currently skeptical towards the video displaying a real game though. This will certainly be a big deal because the video was released on October 29 and already 26,000 people have viewed it.

You're stuck in the woods with little more than a collection of records, some leather bound books and a few of your close friends. A blood curdling scream rings out and the only thing to drown it out is the revving of a chainsaw. The forest begins coming to life and the trees spread their roots. The next thing you notice is your girlfriend dead on the ground, but she begins to rise from where she was killed.

"Let's head down into the cellar and carve ourselves a witch."

Ash sees an opportunity and decides to take it, he shoves his Boomstick right in that zombies face and shows her who is king. Groovy.


The video  displays Wii characters dubbed with audio directly from the film, in particular the audio recording of the doctor who was running experiments on the Necronomicon. While there isn't a Wii video character editor, there is no gameplay shown so it's difficult to say anything about the game mechanics. The video is violently graphic in comparison to Apple standards so it will be interesting to see how the Evil Dead iOS game will pan out.

For those unfamiliar with the Evil Dead films, they are some of the most iconic zombie themed films ever made. Sam Rami, director of the recent Spider-Man films as well as a few other cult classics like Dark Man, assisted in making these films some of the most followed zombie flicks of all time. The star of the movie, Bruce Campbell, is considered one of the greatest B actors of our time. Between the chainsaw that replaces his arm and the shotgun (Boomstick) that he wields, Ash is an iconic hero for any nerd. He is also currently co-staring in a role on the hit show Burn Notice.

Previous Evil Dead based games have been released and continued Ash's story. A majority of the games were pretty bad, but Evil Dead Regeneration was surprising. Hopefully this game will also be a standout.

"Shop smart, shop S-Mart."

Who is ready to make some zombie stew with their boomstick?

There is no release date for this game currently. Continue to check back with Game Rant for the latest news on the Evil Dead app.

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