Everything We Know About Tevinter for Dragon Age 4

Although it has been quite some time since Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Trespasser DLC released, there’s little doubt many fans of the franchise have forgotten how some events turned out. The final moments heavily implied that Dragon Age 4 would take the series to Tevinter, and while it may be some time before we see how Tevinter manifests itself in-game, there’s quite a bit known about the Mage-run country.

Tevinter is located to the north of the Free Marches, the location of Dragon Age 2. When combined with the Elven lore explored and discussed in Inquisition, it opens up a ton of avenues to connect the various games throughout the franchise. Here’s everything we know about Tevinter for the forthcoming Dragon Age 4.

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The Tevinter Imperium, as it is officially known, is a Magocracy (a country run by mages) led by the Imperial Archon. It has a rich history that would have huge implications for Thedas in general, but there are a few notable moments. One Archon known as Thalsian brought the worship of the Old Gods to the country and the symbolic dragon imagery related to the country, which later came into play when Tevinter invaded the Arlathan Forest (home of the original Dalish Elves) and burned it with fire and dragons, supposedly.

Blood Magic was eventually used to sink the main city into the ground, leading to the enslavement of Elves and the stripping of their culture. As a superpower in the Dragon Age setting of Thedas, Tevinter would grow and expand across the world. It is during this time that a massive Blood Magic pact is used for Tevinter Magisters to physically enter the fade, to corrupt the Golden City, and return as the First Darkspawn and initiated the First Blight.

After the Grey Wardens defeat the Archdemon Dumat, Tevinter was weakened, leading to several rebellions and Exalted Marches. Centuries passed by, Tevinter entered a war with the Qunari which is still be fought by the time of Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Tevinter officially condemned the Venatori antagonists of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

This history, the events of Inquisition, and the events of its Trespasser DLC have huge implications for Dragon Age 4, though it is worth mentioning that this is mere speculation moving forward, and nothing has been confirmed by BioWare. It was revealed some time back, though, that the cancelled Dragon Age 4 Joplin Project would see players take on the roles of spies based in Tevinter.

Now, whether this is used or if the on-going Dragon Age 4 Morrison project is taking a completely different road remains to be seen, but using Tevinter as the main country seems like something that is a guarantee. Its history implies a lot of context for on-going events. For example, the Wardens are known to be searching for a cure to the Calling, and with there are only being 2 known Archdemons remaining, the intelligent Darkspawn still around, and the ever-present threat of another blight, there are a lot of threads that could be explored in Tevinter, the country that started it all.

Throughout the events of Dragon Age Inquisition, Solas, Abelas, and other context clues all lead up to Solas’ betrayal of the party, with everyone realizing that Solas is actually Fen’Harel, the Dread Wolf. In his undying quest for vengeance and the restoration of the People, it is Solas who led to the initial events of Inqusition and Solas who serves as the primary antagonist of the Trespasser DLC. It seems safe to assume this story will carry over to Dragon Age 4.

More is elaborated upon throughout the game, such as how Fen’Harel created the Veil, how his role in the death of Mythal was exaggerated, what the Dalish have got wrong, and how Solas intends to correct it all. It seems Solas’s next scheme carries him, the remaining members of the Inquisition, and the new Dragon Age 4 main character and companions into Tevinter. There’s some poetic irony here, in that Solas may be seeking to restore the glory of the Elven people in the country that initially led to their downfall.

Of course, there’s a ton involved in Tevinter as well. Dorian returns to Tevinter, taking his father’s place and trying to turn the country away from corruption, perhaps meaning that the mage will be returning. Then, there’s the war between the Qun and Tevinter, particularly over the island Seheron, which could see players travel there for certain in-game events.

Overall, the game will likely center on stopping Solas from destroying the world to bring back the Elves, while also touching on several other key components that may be connected like the Blights, the Qunari wars, and more. Regardless, Dragon Age 4’s release date is still far off, but with Tevinter as the location all but confirmed, there’s little doubt fans of the franchise are awaiting a triumphant return.

Dragon Age 4 is in development for unspecified platforms.

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