Everything You Need To Know About Nokk In Rainbow Six Siege

Nokk is one of the most recent Operator additions to Rainbow Six Siege, along with Warden. Nokk is an Attacking Operator that's going to be a boon for a very specific type of player. Most players in Siege aren't going to find much use for her, but in the right hands, she can be a pretty terrifying force. Nokk definitely has some serious weaknesses that we'll cover, but players that are aware of the weaknesses can work to lessen their impact, ensuring Nokk can have a real effect on the round.

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Like all operators in Siege, Nokk is going to cost you. If you've purchased the most recent Season Pass, then you'll have access to Nokk immediately. Players that don't own the Season Pass will need to purchase Nokk for 25,000 Renown. That's quite a bit of Renown, so unless you've got a chunk of it saved up, it's worth reading up on Nokk before you pull the trigger and unlock access.


Nokk's real name is confidential information. She's an Operator for the Jaeger Corps, and apparently has an interesting family history once you've been told her identity. Nokk was raised by her mother, and still remains close her to this day. Her father is someone of apparent significance, as it's been noted that it would be a potential scandal if Nokk's identity were made public.


Nokk has access to two different primary weapons: the FMG9 Submachine Gun and the Six12 Suppressed Shotgun. There's not much of a case to be made for using the shotgun unless you vastly prefer shotguns to automatic weapons in Siege. The FMG9 Submachine Gun is a decent weapon, but is definitely not near some of the other weaponry present in Siege.

Her secondary weapons are either the 5.7 USG Handgun, or the D50 Handgun. The D50 is a true force of nature, with a shattering damage-per-shot of seventy-one inside twelve meters, dropping off to thirty-five outside twenty-two meters (provided you don't have a suppressor equipped.)

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Nokk has access to two options when it comes to which gadget she brings; either a Breach Charge or a Claymore. Both of these gadgets are going to be worthwhile on different objective sites, so it's worth having a plan if you happen to have an idea of where the Defenders are going to set up. Bringing a Claymore is always a nice tool for watching a flanking route, though with Nokk it isn't going to be much use stopping an outside runout since she'll likely be in the building for the vast majority of the round. Breach Charges are always convenient for opening up a new route or sightline, but they do somewhat take away from Nokk's purpose of staying out of sight and being quiet. They could, however, be very useful as a distraction.


Nokk's unique gadget is her HEL Presence Reduction. This is a glove attachment that can be activated to reduce her noise output drastically, and makes her invisible to enemy cameras. This makes Nokk a sort of combination between Caveira and Vigil, allowing her to move quickly and silently, while being entirely invisible to cameras. One note to make is that, when sprinting, Nokk will be visible as a sort of distortion effect on cameras. In order to stay perfectly invisible, move at any speed slower than a sprint.


One way to use Nokk is as an entry-fragger. Get Nokk in the building as quickly as possible, and activate her HEL gadget. Despite her being a two-armor two-speed operator, this can still be done relatively quickly. With her HEL gadget up, enemies won't be able to hear your footsteps to tell which direction you went, and so they can't pre-fire doorways that you're about to cross. Many times enemies are going to expect the entry-fragger to be Ash, and so when they hear a suspicious lack of footsteps, they're going to be at a bit of a loss. Take advantage of it.


Perhaps the more effective way to use Nokk is as a roam-clearer. Most roamers depend on small sounds to lead them to kills on unsuspecting Attackers, but as Nokk you can almost turn the situation around. You'll be able to move nigh-on silently, and so enemy roamers aren't going to have much (if any) warning of your presence. Hunt the hunters, and smile as your teammates breath a sigh of relief when the enemy has only anchors left.

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As mentioned before, Nokk is by no means a perfect Operator. He ability to close gaps silently is somewhat impeded by her two-speed, meaning she can't quite keep pace with Caveira or Vigil at either of their respective abilities. She also does not have access to an ACOG on her FMG9, meaning a long-range gunfight against most enemy roamers is going to be fought at a disadvantage. Keep out of long corridors as much as possible to combat this, and it shouldn't end up being too big of a problem.

One last weakness is her HEL Presence Reduction itself. It doesn't last for very long, meaning you'll likely only be able to cross a single hallway/room before needing to wait a few seconds for it recharge before moving again. This can be pretty difficult to deal with, especially when dealing with enemy roamers that are moving around a lot.


Overall, Nokk is an interesting Operator that is sure to be beloved by a small set of Siege players, and largely ignored by the majority of them. Her lack of true speed and inability to equip an ACOG certainly hurts, especially on Attack, where just about every other operator can equip that ACOG. Her gadget does make for some interesting (and fun) scenarios where you catch the enemies off-guard, and it really can lead to some very easy kills.


Nokk is a pretty unique Attacker, and can be thrown into just about any team composition. Just about every team has that player that does their best work when coming in from their own angle opposite their teammates, and in that player's hands, Nokk can be a real force. Let the Nokk clear the map and do their thing, while the rest of the team focuses on their own respective roles.

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