Every Horse In Red Dead Redemption 2 Ranked From Worst To Best

At their worst horses are simply a means to get from point a to point b in Red Dead Redemption 2, but at they’re best horses can be great money makers, significantly cut down on travel time, and give your character a fighting chance at staying alive.

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While what makes a good horse is situational there are some that consistently rise to the top regardless of the situation they’re in. Conversely there are some that are best suited in someone else’s stable with that person’s money in your pocket.

19 Morgan

Generally speaking, riding horse types are good for riding and not much else, for the Morgan this is especially true as it has some of the worst stats in the game. It’s a well-behaved horse and an easy one to ride, but there are far better horses.

The only advantage is that they’re common making them easy to obtain in a pinch or good for making money. All variations share the same stats, but the Palomino is worth the least making it objectively the worst horse in the game.

18 Kentucky Saddler

This horse beats walking and Morgans, but that's about it. All types have the same stats and worth, but the Grey is the only one that can be bought for $25, though with how common they are you might as well find your own and save the money.

17 Tennessee Walker

In case the name didn’t tip you off this is a horse meant to be walked, possibly ridden. It’s the very first horse you get in the game and with any luck wont be in your stable for long. If you insist on getting one go for the Flaxen Roan which has the best stats and sells for more.

16 Belgian Draft Horse

Belgian Draft Horses are better than a riding horse but considered the weakest of all draft horses. In addition to riding they’re good at pulling things like carriages. If you decide to get this one as an upgrade from riding horses go for the Blond Chestnut or the Mealy Chestnut they have the same stats.

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15 Shire Horse

No these aren’t meant for hobbits, these are in fact the largest horses in the game and among the strongest you can find. They’ll pull anything you hook them to but don’t expect them to turn on a dime as they’re rough to handle. The best Shire horse is the Raven Black with just a little better stamina than its peers.

14 Suffolk Punch

Yet another puller is the Suffolk Punch, but this one has some better stats than previous horses on this list. A downside however is that it can only be found meaning you have to find one or steal it. Either variation is fine as they have the same stats.

13 Appaloosa

One of the last horses you’re likely to ride in the late part of the early game, the Appaloosa has decent stats with a fair amount of stamina. It’s an endurance horse meant for riding long trips and can survive an ambush. Leopard or Brown Leopard are the best variations with equal stats.

12 American Standardbred

The weakest of the race horses but with some use is the American Standardbred. They have decent speed, but are very skittish. The Silver Tail Buckskin has the best stamina for longer runs but the Palomino is easier to handle so pick according to the track.

11 Thoroughbred

Thoroughbreds are excellent sprinters with high acceleration, but not enough stamina or health to do anything else. They’ll die fast in combat and get winded if they run too long. The Brindle is the fastest and Dappled Black has the same stats but is only available in special editions of the game. Seal Brown is a bit slower, but can run a little longer and take more hits.

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10 Hungarian Half-bred

The weakest of the warhorses but by no means a pushover, Hungarian Half-breds don’t spook easy and have decent stats. The Dapple Dark Grey is the best variation you can find. It’s good in early skirmishes but you’ll want something better later on.

9 American Paint

This classical horse is very smart and low maintenance, but this advantage is canceled out somewhat by mediocre stats making it a middle of the run horse. It’ll get you through the mid-game but there are much better horses to strive for. Grey Overo has the best stats.

8 Nokota

One of the fastest horses in the game with breathtaking base speed. It can go hoof to hoof with the number two horse on this list, but every other stat fails to compare which is why it ranks around the middle. In a straight line race they’ll hold their own, but any turns or obstacles and they’ll lose. Get the Reverse Dapple Roan.

7 Mustang

Mustangs are great combat horses, but suffer because they’re among the orneriest in the game and are tough to fully bond. The best variation is the Tiger Striped Bay as it has superior stats, but it’s also a rare find so you’ll be wandering the wilderness for a while to find it.

6 Andalusian

These are tough horses that wont jump at anything. They can take a punch and have great endurance which makes them perfect horses for extended hunting trips. For the best Andalusians look for the Rose Grey variation.

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5 Dutch Warmblood

Starting our top five is an all around great work horse. They can fulfill just about any role you need them to, other than racing which is why they don’t rank higher. But for an adaptable horse they do just fine. The best is the Cremello Gold Dutch which is also a great looking horse for something you may be using most of the game.

4 Ardennes

This is a solid warhorse with a lot of health. They are admittedly a little on the slow side, but if you want something that can ride into gunfire and come out alive on the other side then this is your horse. The Iron Gray is the best, but only if you preordered so everyone else can use the Strawberry Roan.

3 Turkoman

This is a great horse if you’re trying to get away from heavy combat or know you’re going to be ambushed. It’s fast and has great health, but make sure you are running before you hit danger because it has slower acceleration. All variations are equal but get the Gold.

2 Missouri Fox Trotter

The second fastest horse in the game with great health and lots of stamina. This is the horse for traversing long dangerous distances and surviving the trip. All variations share the same stats, but the Amber Champagne is gorgeous.

1 Arabian

The Superior horse type is easily the best horse in the game. It has the best stats and is the fastest horse you can find. The White variation is free if you can find it but is inferior to the others. The Rose Gray Bay is arguably the best but is only obtainable once you beat the game. For those with deep pockets in the endgame the Black variation is your best bet and makes for a great horse in any situation.

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