EverQuest II’ Gets New PvP & Quest Content in ‘Children of War’ Update

In days gone by, EverQuest reigned undisputed over the massive multiplayer landscape. During the early 2000s, the game was a bona fide institution, boasting hundreds of thousands of players, multimedia spinoffs, and its own host of game addiction controversies.

EverQuest II was released in 2004 to much fanfare, but it came at a time when the market became glutted with MMO offerings. Less than a month after EverQuest II launched, a certain Blizzard-developed MMORPG was released and EverQuest’s domination of the online RPG market was effectively at an end.

Nonetheless, EverQuest II still holds on to a devoted core community of players. Sony has released seven full expansions and numerous “adventure packs,” over the years, in addition to the usual online gaming patchwork. In that spirit, the one-time king of MMORPGs received an injection of new content yesterday via a major update entitled Children of War. Though not a full expansion, Children of War apparently adds a good deal of PvP, item, crafting, and quest content to the game.

In addition, the update includes numerous gameplay tweaks of the sort familiar to anyone who’s downloaded an MMORPG patch. This is the sixtieth (!!!) gameplay update for EverQuest II.

So, what’s new in Norrath as of May 31? As mentioned, Children of War adds a good deal of PvP content to the game, including new battleground maps, a new PvP battle type (“Vanquish”), updated faction and fame systems, and a PvP-only lobby in which players can hangout with teammates before busting a few skulls.

EverQuest II ‘Children of War’ Update adds new features.

The sixtieth addition to EverQuest II brings expanded PvP and quests.

The update also adds a handful of new quests and raid instances to the world, opening up new areas in the Fortress of Drunder and Crystal Caverns. Along with the major additions of content, Sony has balanced certain PvP elements, made improvements to the tradeskill system, and updated elements of the game interface.

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Children of War is currently free to download for all EverQuest II subscribers.

Source: Sony Online Entertainment