‘EVE: Valkyrie’ Trailer Highlights VR Dogfights

By | 3 years ago 

Although the promise of virtual reality headsets is plenty intriguing on its own, high profile devices like the Oculus Rift or Sony’s Project Morpheus are only one part of the equation. The other part being the actual VR games, of course.

One such game that seems to be hogging all of the attention (and rightly so) with regards to VR is EVE: Valkyrie, CCP Games‘ first person space dog fighting game. Valkyrie has reportedly made quite an impression on those who have seen it up close and personal, and the game has even convinced those same people that VR has a place in video gaming’s future.

Still, even if playing EVE: Valkyrie firsthand is the ideal way to experience it, that isn’t stopping developer CCP Games from giving gamers just a tiny taste of what they’re in for. It might take a little bit of imagination, but the above trailer offers a decent sense as to what EVE: Valkyrie might be like in a VR environment.

It’s important to note, though, that the trailer is comprised entirely of pre-alpha footage, and is no way indicative of the final game in terms of graphical fidelity or mechanics. Rather, this is what CCP Games chose to show to gamers who might now be researching VR-specific games after Sony unveiled Project Morpheus earlier this week.

EVE Valkyrie Pre Alpha Trailer

And speaking of Project Morpheus, it may have slipped under the radar but Sony and then CCP Games confirmed that EVE: Valkyrie will support Project Morpheus, despite the fact that Oculus is helping co-publish the title. At first the news brought a lot of confusion, as many thought EVE: Valkyrie was an Oculus Rift exclusive, but as it turns out that was only for the PC. CCP Games is apparently free to support other, console-based VR headsets with their upcoming game.

For CCP Games and EVE: Valkyrie, Project Morpheus support can only mean good things. It expands the title’s reach and helps increase its profile among non-PC gamers. But for the Oculus it’s a harsh blow. It’s true that, at least on PC, EVE: Valkyrie remains the Oculus’ killer app, but it loses that blanket exclusivity.

The game certainly looks great, and will likely be a major topic of conversation anytime the viability of VR is brought up. And although we’d love to go hands-on with it, these trailers will have to suffice in the mean time.

What do you think of EVE: Valkyrie based on its trailers? Do you think that the game also supporting Project Morpheus hurts the Oculus Rift’s appeal?

Source: CCP Games