What Platform(s) Will EVE: Valkyrie Release For?

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CCP Games blew us away at E3 2013 with their brief demo for EVE-VR, a conceptual test for a multiplayer starfighter game based in the EVE Online MMO universe that ran on the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. It was even more impressive than the next-gen consoles on display at the event.

It came as no surprise then when CCP announced a full game based on it, titled EVE: Valkyrie. Knowing that space combat sims originated on PCs and are still most prevelant there (see: Star Citizen) it seemed a no brainer that EVE: Valkyrie would be a lock for PC when it releases in 2014. That, shockingly, may not necessarily be the casee

Speaking with RPS, CCP Games chief marketing officer David Reid was rather strict about clarifying that they had not announced any platforms for Valkyrie, stating that it could be coming to consoles as well (or instead).

“Hold on a second, we haven’t confirmed that Valkyrie’s on PC. It’s capable of playing on PC right now, but we haven’t confirmed what we’re going to launch it on.”

“It technically works on PC, and it’s working fine, but there are other platforms it could run on. There’s nothing that technically prevents it from running on a console, for example.”

“Well, I mean, PC is definitely in the cards. Is it definitely something that’s there in 2014 on commercial launch day? I couldn’t answer that for you yet. We certainly could do it, but it’s still a question of whether we will.”

The secrecy is frustrating for PC gamers who, because of a deal with Sony, still can’t play DUST 514 – the first-person shooter set in the EVE Online universe – on PCs yet either, despite the EVE player base being there. That being said, while in the CCP Games booth at E3, the team was very happy to talk extremely positive about Sony, the PS3 and the upcoming PS4, leading us to believe that gamers will be seeing much more of the EVE universe on Sony’s next-gen home console.

EVE Valkyrie Faded Logo

When asked for obvious clarification that Valkyrie is indeed an Oculus-based game to launch alongside the consumer release of the headset, Reid said not so, putting more credence to our PS4 headset theory.

“No, we’re not necessarily [basing our launch on when Oculus comes out]. While we can’t get into details here, there are other platforms that are available. It is technically possible to run this game without a Rift. There’s a whole bunch of different things out on the market right now.”

With Oculus Rift representing one of the most promising and exciting pieces of next-gen gaming technology, and rumors of Sony developing their own version of it for the PlayStation 4, it’s very possible that EVE: Valkyrie could launch as a PS4 exclusive although that would be unexpected considering it was created on the Oculus Rift which currently only supports PC and Mac.

In an ideal world, the PS4 and Xbox One would be fully ready to go when they launch next month and would not only support USB headsets that PCs and current-gen systems do (they won’t at launch), but could also both support the Oculus Rift. From David Reid’s words, and the fact that EVE: Valkyrie works for PC, it would be very disappointing if it didn’t release on it. That’s where our joysticks are! Then again, it could be a strategic maneuver if Sony is paying them for more exclusivity and they’re attempting to avoid the space behemoth known as Star Citizen which releases next November with Oculus Rift support exclusive on PC.


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