The gaming opinion of EVE Online is a very polarized one. On one hand, there are the gamers who have taken the time to conquer the game’s steep learning curve and fully understand and appreciate its intricacies. On the other though, there are the gamers on the outside, looking in, who see it as little more than a second job, featuring boring, uninspired gameplay. Regardless of which category you fall under, it’s hard to ignore the incredible scope of the game and its sense of community. In a new video, the developers show off a new feature that could open EVE Online up to a completely new audience.

When starting up your career in the expansive MMO, you take the time to create and edit the physical characteristics of your character before being plunged into the depths of space in your own ship. Aside from fleeting images of your character, you are never truly in control of them, taking control of the ship and its attributes instead. With new changes to the game on the horizon, this all looks to be changing.

Developer CCP Games has released a new video which takes gamers on a tour of the newest feature they will be implementing. Finally, gamers will get the chance to take direct control over their avatar as they navigate through their own captains quarters, interacting with the game from the comfort of their own private room. Check out the details below:


As stated in the video, this will be where gamers begin their EVE Online journey once they have finished creating their character. This is definitely a step in the right direction for drawing in new players. Previously, new players were dropped into the depths of space at the start of their adventure and taught the basics of the game on the fly. By starting the player off in a smaller, controlled environment, the feeling of being overwhelmed by the world of EVE Online will be much less and is one of the factors that keeps people from picking the game up.

While the feature is still in development, it already looks like it will be a great escape from the lonely expanses of space. Not only will you have complete access to the statistics and details of your ship, but you will also be able to manage your corporation, alongside buying and selling your resources right from the comfort of your quarters’ couch. This will add a new level of immersion into the already deep game by having your character actually interacting with all of the statistics and details of the game that would have previously been managed through a menu.

The feeling of truly being part of a living, thriving world is shown rather well in these small personal spaces. Not only will gamers notice things that they have procured throughout their journeys popping up on shelves throughout their quarters, but looking out over the balcony, they will be able to see the incredible scope of the ship that they spend the majority of the game piloting.

With more features planned to be added in the future that will make use of the characters’ 3D models like public spaces where gamers can interact, it’s great to see that the developers are constantly looking for ways to expand the game, especially with information and videos cropping up regarding DUST 514, the first-person shooter spinoff of EVE Online which is planned to directly interact with the MMO’s comprehensive world.

How do you feel about CCP Games’ plans to expand the ways in which players interact with the world of EVE Online? Do you think this will open the game up to people who would have otherwise been uninterested.

EVE Online is out now on Mac and PC while the captains quarters update is due out later this summer.