Eve Vegas, Eve Online‘s latest fan convention, proved an opportunity for developer CCP to confirm that Project Nova,┬áCCP Games’ latest multiplayer shooter, is still in the works. Project Nova was announced at Eve Fanfest 2016 and has not been shown since. Nervous fans continue to ask for an official update, but it seems that nothing more than a confirmation of life is forthcoming at this time.

When asked for details regarding Project Nova, CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Petursson clarified that the┬áteam is “heads-down working on this game.” CCP Games has previously stated that it received a lot of feedback from their 2016 debut and that the studio would be putting time into reworking it out of public eye at least for a while longer. But hopes for an Eve Vegas surprise were fufilled, as CCP’s willingness to acknowledge the game’s continued development is more than most companies would say.

Eve's Project Nova Development Status - Dust

During Eve Fanfest earlier this year CCP hinted at some of the changes being made to Project Nova during this window outside of the public eye. For one, the company now seems to be reevaluating whether or not to release Project Nova as a free-to-play game. With this new wave of development, the extra costs may push CCP towards putting a price tag on the game. Such a change would likely shift player expectations for Project Nova though, so maybe Project Nova‘s rehaul is more substantial than assumed.

Other details tied to Project Nova‘s development from earlier this year include a cryptic statement regarding bringing Project Nova closer to the Eve universe, but distancing it further from the MMO. Apparently, Dust 514‘s closeness to the MMO proved a negative which CCP plans to correct in Project Nova. So while the game remains an online multiplayer game, it may also have story elements of an unspecified nature tying it to its MMO origins.

For now, that’s about as much as is known about CCP’s Project Nova, the latest iteration on what was called Dust 514 and Project Legion before it. Expect continued radio silence for the time being and hopefully more information by April, 2018’s Eve Fanfest.

Project Nova has no current release window and is planned for the PC.