CCP Games Bans ‘EVE’ Monument Vandals

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Those in the  EVE Online community have witnessed their fair share of ponzi schemes and hostile take-overs, all of which developer CCP Games allows and even encourages within their virtual realm, since those kind of things happen in real life as well. However, this week a few EVE Online players went too far and defaced a real-life EVE Monument, which had been unveiled barely a week ago ahead of the EVE Fanfest event.

The vandals scratched out the name of a rival player, tweeted the insult at him, and then placed the logo of their in-game faction onto the monument.  As a result of this vandalism, CCP Games permanently banned 3 individuals, 7 EVE accounts, 1 Dust 514 account, and banned another player from EVE Online for six months. CCP Games has kept the in-game identities of the banned players hidden from public eye in accordance of their privacy policies.

The Reykjavik-based monument was revealed ahead of EVE Fanfest 2014, which was supposed to be a celebration of the community and a platform for the developers to interact with their fans. The entire bottom platform of the monument hosts thousands of player names, with the monument celebrating their involvement in major historical EVE occurrences.

EVE Monument

CCP Games has honored players before by sending their names to the edge of space, but the monument was seen as a much more permanent way to celebrate those who they call the ‘main cast’ of the canon EVE universe. A laptop was also buried in a time capsule underneath the monument, which contains videos, images and messages from both players and staff members.

Posting publicly to the official forums, CCP Games staff member Falcon has stated that the case was now closed as far as they are concerned:

With this in mind, we now consider this issue resolved within the EVE Universe, and any further action taken outside the virtual world relating to criminal damage or recovery of costs for repairs to the Eve Universe Monument will remain confidential between CCP Games, the authorities and those involved.

CCP Games has kept hard at work expanding the EVE-based Universe, announcing an oculus rift-based game called EVE: Valkyrie (even featuring Katee Sackhoff) which will eventually connect with the EVE Online Universe, just like Dust-514. They’ve also announced Project Legion this month, further expanding their progress into the FPS realm.

Active players can virtually find where their names are on the monument by clicking here.


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