New Trailer & Screenshots For 'EVE Online: The Crucible'

EVE Online Crucible Additional Battlecruisers

EVE Online: The Crucible, CCP Games' fifteenth expansion for the popular online game, released with a bang yesterday. The Icelandic developer shared a new trailer to get players excited for various player-requested features, hundreds of game fixes and updates. While these same players also anxiously awaiting the MMOFPS Dust 514 that will be released next spring, The Crucible update introduces a host of new goodies, from new battlecruisers to improved UI.

The latest trailer, according to the opening message, shows footage that has all been taken from real battles between EVE players. The trailer speaks to the updates, but below the video is the run down:


  • New tier-3 battlecruisers
  • New visuals, such as the reintroduction of neon ship trails (Homeworld anyone? Just me?)
  • Three all-new captain's quarters
  • New tech-2 models
  • Time dilation
  • A host of game balancing tweaks, from hybrid weapon balancing to ship balancing for Capital, Destroyer, and Logistic classes

The trailer also mentions at the end that there are hundreds of improvements that supposedly were not included in the highlights, which of course is not surprising. This massive winter update for EVE: Online is available now to players.

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EVE Online trailers are always rather fascinating, and the latest holds true to that with excellent pacing and a good soundtrack that will undoubtedly excite fans of the universe and perhaps even entice a few detractors to resubscribe to the vast, online EVE universe. At the one minute mark I was ready to sign up and throw fleets of ships with gigantic weapons at unsuspecting neighbors as well. I do find it somewhat humorous that the opening message made the disclaimer that all footage was taken directly from actual game footage of players waging these battles, as if CCP Games is partially Big Brother and camping out in a cloaked ship, silently watching every move. In all seriousness, I would imagine most battles pale in comparison to what is shown here. It's impressive nonetheless.

EVE Online players, what do you think of the new update? If you left the game, does the trailer re-spark your interest?


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