If you have yet to hear any bit of news about Escape Plan, the demented, but comical side-scroller for the PlayStation Vita, you wouldn’t be alone. It wasn’t until yesterday, during a Gamescom presentation for Sony, that gamers officially laid eyes on Escape Plan, and saw just how imaginative and downright entertaining it looks to be.

From the trailer shown, which we have for you below, it can be assumed that this character, who fluctuates between very skinny and puffed with air, is trying to escape from some diabolical facility.

Unfortunately, being the lackadaisical, drab character he is, it can only move at a snail’s pace — leaving him susceptible to everything from fan blades to trap doors. It’s a fairly simple concept (like last year’s Limbo), but one that could sell gangbusters on the Vita, provided it has the right price point and is marketed well.

Kind of like a more demented version of LittleBigPlanet, Escape Plan’s real selling point is its character — who we don’t know anything about at this point. Obviously over the course of this wild journey of near, and actual deaths gamers should get to know the character currently known as Lil, but, for now, it’s all a mystery.


Another important aspect to note about Escape Plan, which isn’t evident from its trailer, is the game’s use of all of the Vita’s “bells and whistles.” The game, with its stark visual design, should look beautiful on the OLED screen, but more importantly it should play in several different ways dependent on if the rear touchpad or the gyroscope are being used.

We don’t know much about Escape Plan — it’s still in the early stages of development — but this game from one of the developers who worked on Fat Princess looks like a winner. There are a few qualities that make it seem a little bit formulaic or plain, but, combined with the Vita’s myriad of features, it could be one of the first niche, non-franchise titles to sell well on the handheld.

What do you make of Escape Plan? Do you think that a title like this is tailor made for the Vita?

Escape Plan currently has no release date, but will be availably exclusively on the PlayStation Vita.

Source: YouTube