First Episode of 'Back to the Future' Releases on Dec. 22

Back to the Future Ep 1 on 12-22

Information about TellTale Game's Back to the Future: The Game has been coming out at a steady pace in the last few weeks. We have seen some behind the scenes videos showing the voice cast, which includes an incredible Michael J. Fox sound-alike. We have also briefly seen some gameplay in the most recent trailer which shows Marty running into a 17 year old Doc Brown. The only thing TellTale seemed to be leaving out is the details of the release date. But now thankfully we can all mark down December 22 for Episode 1 on the PC and Mac.

While not much is really know about what the gameplay of the series will be like, it probably will not stray too far from previous episodic TellTale games. They have shown in the past with the Sam and Max and Monkey Island series that they can pump out these game episodes in a timely manner and still have a high quality to them. Hopefully, they will be able to do the same to the beloved characters and story of the films.

We know for sure we will be adventuring with Doc and Marty, but it looks like even more characters from the films will be showing in these game episodes. TellTale's website has character art up for Marty's dad George McFly and his bully/car detailer Biff Tannen. If these guys fit into the story it hopefully means other well known characters could be showing up like Marty's mom Lorraine or school principal Mr. Stickland.

Back to the Future Biff Tannen

As someone who is not very familiar with the episodic games that TellTale has previously produced, I am curious to see how this game turns out. Back to the Future is one of my favorite movies of all time. The great characters and the way the movies moved through basically the same events repeatedly could make for an interesting game. With the writer of the films, Bob Gale, on board and Christopher Lloyd back as Doc, I hope that it will be a quality game that lives up to the reputation of the movies instead of just quick cash in using the Back to the Future name.

If you are on the fence about purchasing it go here and click "Register for Episode". The coupon code to get Episode 1 free is already entered. Just remember to support TellTale Games with the purchase of future episodes if it is something you end up enjoying.

Back to the Future: The Game Episode 1 will release on December 22nd for the PC and Mac.

Source: TellTale Games

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