It’s been a good couple of weeks for fans of epic lawsuits, and now we have word on the most epic of them all, the lawsuit between Too Human developer Silicon Knights and, who else, Epic Games. For those that don’t know the suit was filed way back in 2007 and was centered on the idea that Epic Games withheld specific details regarding Unreal Engine 3, parts that prevented Too Human from achieving its true potential.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of claims that Epic likes to keep key secrets involving Unreal Engine 3 to itself — to help improve the quality of their franchises like Gears of War — but this lawsuit was the biggest and boldest of the accusations. However, the suit has come to an end with Epic being awarded $4.45 Million as a result of their countersuit, which claimed that Silicon Knights breached the license agreement for Unreal Engine 3.

The news comes to us by way of Epic’s Mark Rein who tweeted definitively, “Case over. Jury finds for Epic on all counts.” An official press release from Epic revealed more details about the victory, and no member of Silicon Knights’ (personnel or other) has issued a statement.

Obviously, as gamers know, Epic Games has gone on to bigger and better things, while Silicon Knights has struggled since the release of Too Human. Originally planned as an epic trilogy (Advent Rising anyone?) based around Norse mythology, Too Human failed to strike a chord with gamers, despite Creative Director Denis Dyack’s lofty proclamations.

According to Dyack the incongruence between Epic’s Unreal Engine and Silicon’s licensed copy resulted in the developer being forced to develop their own engine, which hurt the project immensely. And the rest, as they say, is history.

More recently Silicon Knights put out X-Men: Destiny, an extremely unsuccessful superhero title published by Activision. Things really took a turn for the worse after Too Human, leading some to believe this lawsuit had some grounds, but apparently in the judge’s eye it did not.

How do you feel about Epic Games being in control of so many games’ success with their Unreal Engine? Would you still like to see Too Human finish it’s trilogy?

Source: Joystiq