Epic Mickey Footage Shows Bob Ross Who's the Boss

Epic Mickey

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Just hearing Mickey’s voice makes me giddier than Kim Kardashian after learning a NFL Pro-Bowler is interested in her. Though I am unfamiliar with the properties the two side-scrolling levels come from, the last level, Gremlin Village, seems very “It’s a Small World” inspired. While the application of the paintbrush mechanic in this footage seems rather simplistic puzzle-wise, it does show off the creative aspect of the idea. The number of possibilities one could come up with by using the thinner/paint makes me hope for something that will put even the most veteran gamer to the test.

Epic Mickey was the game that came out of nowhere. At first it seemed like it was going to be the antithesis to the “overly kiddie” Kingdom Hearts games, putting Disney’s mascot front and center as a paintbrush wielding bad-ass. Unfortunately when screens of the game, were revealed a lot the wind was taken out of gamers’ sails as they saw that what they were once promised looked far more simplistic than they hoped.

Then, E3 came along and showed us that the paintbrush game play mechanic combined with levels oozing with nostalgia were what we had been hoping for but didn’t know it. The idea of being able to create or “uncreate” any object in the game world isn’t something exactly new but the way Epic Mickey deals with it should make for some brain bending puzzling. Coupled along with the paintbrush mechanic are interstitial levels that call back to the cartoons of Mickey’s heyday some of which are featured in the video. Epic Mickey teeters between simplistic game that might be less hardcore friendly and a game that shines like Super Mario Galaxy does. Here’s hoping to the latter.

What do you think of the footage, Ranters? Feeling a bit nostalgic hearing Mickey’s trademark “hoo-hoo”?

Disney's Epic Mickey paints his way into our hearts November 1st on the Nintendo Wii.

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