Warren Spector Thinks Polarizing 'Epic Mickey' Reviews Are 'Kind Of Cool'

Warren Spector Thinks 'Epic Mickey's' Polarizing Reviews Are 'Kind Of Cool'

One of the year's most anticipated Wii titles was finally released upon the masses back in November - in the Disney themed Epic Mickey.

Since then, the Nintendo exclusive has garnered a wide range of reviews, earning itself a 76 on review aggregate, Metacritic. But that hasn't discouraged Junction Point Studios founder and Epic Mickey producer, Warren Spector.

Spector recently spoke with MTV Clutch Blog regarding the game's reviews, and the industry icon's opinions might be surprising. When asked about Epic Mickey's review scores being all over the place, Warren didn't seem to mind the reviews. He explains:

"I've never worked on a game that's polarized people like this. Literally, we've got a half dozen perfect scores and I've also gotten the lowest scores I've ever gotten on any game I've ever worked on. In a weird sort of way, I think that's kind of cool."

It's not unreasonable to think Warren and his team would want the best for Epic Mickey, so perhaps he's taking the less than favorable responses as sort of constructive criticism. After all, it would be boring to produce a title in which everyone at every reviews outlet championed. Spector continues:

"If we were trending at something like an 8 out of 10? I'd probably have to kill myself. It's kind of cool to polarize people in that way and have people feeling really passionate about it and talking a lot about it, I'm kind of jazzed about that."

One thing's for sure: despite embracing the wide range of reactions to Mickey, Warren has the utmost respect and admiration for his team. While admitting that his game's camera control might not be absolutely perfect, he wishes his critics would stop comparing Epic Mickey to a certain iconic plumber:

"I will go to my grave, imperfect as it is, proud as hell of my camera team. If reviewers want to give us a hard time about it because they're misunderstanding the game we made, it's not for me to tell them that they're wrong, absolutely not. But I wish people would get it out of their head that we made a Mario competitor, because we didn't."

It's nice to see an industry icon who's well known for such titles as Deus Ex and System Shock go to bat so passionately for his team. Say what you will about the game, but it's clear that Warren cares a lot about the people he gets to work with, and doesn't mind sticking up for them.

Epic Mickey Wasteland

If Junction Point Studios has their way, Epic Mickey won't be the only Mickey title they get to work on. The studio is creating graphic novels and comic books, and want to for years to come. Spector and Co. are definitely interested in sequels, and at the very least, Spector wants Wasteland to live on.

Epic Mickey was announced to be a Wii exclusive, but there have been rumblings of the title appearing on other platforms. A PlayStation 3 port seems like a natural fit for the title considering Move is on the market, and given Mr. Spector's track record, surely he and his team could make the game translate to Microsoft's newest peripheral Kinect.

For the Ranters that have picked up Epic Mickey, how are you liking it, and do you agree with the game's reviews? If you haven't yet, why? Are you hoping Disney's mouse will find himself on a different platform? Sound off in the comments section below, we'd love to hear your thoughts.

Epic Mickey is available now exclusively on the Nintendo Wii.

Source: MTV Clutch Blog

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