Epic Mickey Collector's Edition Includes Console/Wii-mote Skins

Epic Mickey Collector's Edition

If there was any doubt that Disney Interactive's Epic Mickey would be carrying quite a bit of pressure from Nintendo on its shoulders when it was finally released later this year, it's been put to rest. Coming out of E3, it had become clear that not only was the  Warren Spector-helmed action title a property to look forward to, but that it could  be the first of many new titles under the name of the eponymous mouse, a notion which Spector himself made clear before the weekend.

So in light of the buzz that has been growing around the upcoming release, I hope you're sitting down for this one: Epic Mickey WILL be receiving a special Collector's Edition for purchase at release later this year. The special edition will set you back $69.99, but the extra $20 will get you quite a few extras:

  • Special Packaging
  • Exclusive 5 inch Collectible Vinyl Epic Mickey Figure
  • Special Edition DVD with behind the scenes footage and additional marketing assets and videos
  • Epic Mickey Stylized Wii Remote Faceplate
  • 2 Epic Mickey Stylized Wii Console skins

I'll be honest, I'm pretty impressed with the amount of bonus material that they're willing to throw in for an extra $20, since I would personally be willing to spend a lot more than that for the Wiimote faceplate and console skins alone. With only a glimpse of the game's opening cinematic, it's already clear that this game will be a special property for many of us who were raised on Disney, and one can only imagine the trips down memory lane that the bonus DVD will induce.

Speaking for myself, this purchase is a no-brainer. For a lot of people, it was a foregone conclusion that this game would have to be picked up, and given how passionately the development team speaks about the game, I'm sure there are hours and hours of behind-the-scenes secrets that any self-respecting gamer would be sorry to miss.

With custom faceplates or not, you can expect to reclaim the Cartoon Wasteland with Mickey before the holidays this year, exclusively on the Wii.

Source: Toys "R" Us (via NintendoEverything)

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