Rumor Patrol: 'Epic Mickey' Coming to PS3 in 2011 [Updated]

Epic Mickey PS3

It may be a little late for the holidays, but fans of Disney and HD graphics can allow themselves to get a bit more excited about the possible notion of seeing Disney's Epic Mickey coming to the PlayStation 3. Spanish website PSNow! reported earlier today that in 2011, Disney Interactive would be releasing a version of Epic Mickey exclusively for the PS3. The game would not be a port of the former-Wii-exclusive, but a game developed alongside the Wii version since 2008 to take advantage of the PS3's strengths.

Less than two hours after being posted, the article claiming that Sony was ready to announce an Epic Mickey designed exclusively for their system, to take advantage of 720p resolution and the ability to run at 60 frames per second has disappeared. The site may have removed the story, but the ramifications are still clear.

The article in question goes beyond announcing Sony's intention to bring the game to the PS3, and suggests that the company has been working on the game for years in secret. Fans won't just be in for a brand new Mickey experience, but some extra Disney goodies if they pick up the Collector's Edition:

"Among the information that today we can reveal stress that Mickey Epic Move will be compatible with PlayStation will be available in physical format Blu-ray and through digital download from PlayStation Store...The game launch will occur after a period of exclusivity for at least six months given to Nintendo...As expected, the legendary mouse will have a Collector's Edition of the game with a pack containing the film Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 on Blu-ray with bonus content yet to reveal."

Nintendo was given an exclusive release window of six months, which would imply an approximate May 2011 release for the PS3 version. Apparently, this first release was made in advance of Sony's official announcement, set to be made on January 3, 2011 from Orlando, Florida.

Sony revealing the announcement trailer of a completely unique PS3 Mickey game at DisneyWorld would certainly get some publicity, but take all these details with a grain of salt.

If the title did come to another console, the PS3 would be the obvious choice if the dedication to the motion controller is something that can't be removed. Our own Jeff Schille found a lot to like in the game, but the camera issues that had plagued 3D-platformers for years were one of the biggest problems with the Wii's controls. The game's creator Warren Spector may like the fact that the camera issues have become a major part of his most-polarizing game to date, fans can still hope that there is a solution to the problem.

While gamers may have thought that two analog sticks would have let the best parts of the game shine, it's most likely that any PS3 incarnation of Epic Mickey will be operated with the PlayStation Move.

PS3 Epic Mickey Rumor

Not to say that it can't be done, since some of PlayStation's greatest platforming legends are all being brought together in a single Move title. Like PlayStation Move Heroes, Epic Mickey on the PS3 could be the killer Move app that Sony has been dreaming about.

The idea of Epic Mickey on a console other than the Wii shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, since the game was originally sold as a cross-platform property, later making its connection to the Wii's motion controls a must. Fans of the Xbox and PS3 were left out in the cold, no matter how badly they wanted to take an HD trip down Disney's memory lane.

Back in September, the game's producer Raul Ramirez hinted that the game's migration to the PS3 was something being talked about, specifically because of the PlayStation Move's ability to mimic the same forms of gameplay as the Wii. In our own interview with Junction Point's Sean Barton, it was clear that even the developers were aware of just how much fans of other systems were talking about the game being ported.

Spector has stated his hopes for the franchise to expand beyond a single game, so perhaps this is what he had in mind. As for now, readers are free to interpret the removal of the article as evidence of just about anything, and the report itself as likely a holiday prank as actual news. But given the overwhelming desire to see Mickey on more of the major platforms, don't expect these rumors to die down any time soon.

We'll keep you posted on any more substantiated details, as well as Sony's reactions as they arise. For now one thing is clear: the flame of hope that Epic Mickey will make its way onto the PS3 and Xbox 360 simply refuses to be extinguished.

Source: PSNow!

[Update: PSNow! has since confirmed the suspicion that the post was in fact a practical joke, as December 28 is reserved as a Spanish holiday for fans of pranks. The site has voiced its sentiment that as much as they would like to be able to announce Epic Mickey for the PS3, the time has not yet come.

Hopefully we've all gotten a good laugh, and those at the site extend their apologies for any confusion: "PS: Sorry to break the hearts of international sites that have linked to in the last hours. Spain is different."

We here at Game Rant appreciate a good laugh, an while the rumor can be put to rest for now, we all know that the demand for Disney's famous rodent won't be lessened one bit. Stay strong, believers!]

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