'Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion' is a Follow-Up to 'Castle of Illusion'

Epic Mickey 3DS

It was finally revealed last week that a sequel to Epic Mickey will be coming later this year to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii in the form of Epic Mickey: The Power of Two. Shortly thereafter, the cover of Nintendo Power revealed that Epic Mickey was on its way to the Nintendo 3DS as well, but details on the project were slim... until today.

Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion will allegedly feature hand-drawn sprites and some awesome 2D platforming elements, which is appropriate, as it turns out that the game is a follow-up the SEGA Genesis classic, Castle of Illusion.

As the latest issue of Nintendo Power (via reports, those longing for a sequel to cult-favorite Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse will finally be getting their wish, only on Nintendo's 3DS. Along with the traditional platforming elements that made the original game so much fun in 1991, Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion will feature hand-drawn sprites in an effort to recreate that classic Genesis vibe. Players will find time to admire this classic look while traversing with Mickey through all kinds worlds based on Disney's animated films, including everything from the likes of the well-known Sleeping Beauty to the more recent Tangled.

Since Power of Illusion is a 3DS exclusive (for the the time being), it'll obviously contain a few new gameplay elements. Players will be able to utilize the handheld's touchscreen to "paint" objects into the environment. Everything from floating platforms, to cliffs, to cannons can be traced into the environment at certain points in the game. How well the item is drawn will determine its effectiveness against enemies. For example, a poorly drawn cannon will damage both enemies and Mickey himself, while a well drawn cannon will damage only enemies. The mouse can also bust out his handy-dandy can of paint thinner to erase obstacles that stand in his way.

Some fans of the original game may be quick to point out that Castle of Illusion already received a direct sequel on both the SEGA Master System and Game Gear called Land of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse back in 1992. We're not entirely sure why this game is being called a follow-up to the original, so consider Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion less of a successor to the original and more of a continuation of the long-stagnant Illusion series.

Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion is currently scheduled to release this Fall on the Nintendo 3DS.


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