Epic Mickey Opening Cinematic Released

Epic Mickey

I'll be the first to admit that I haven't played (or missed) the Wii in a long time. However, this year's Nintendo E3 press conference got me excited for the future of the Wii, and one of the games that did that was Epic Mickey. As soon as I saw the Steamboat Willie level I knew I had to have that game.

Now Disney has released the opening cinematic for the game in HD. The video answers the question that many gamers had when they first heard of the game: "Is this game legit or is it going to be shovelware trying to coast on its IP?" If the fact that Deus Ex's Warren Spector was designing it didn't convince you, this video will. After watching the opening cinematic, I can say this is a real game that just happens to star Mickey Mouse; it won't be a game that tries to get by on the Mickey Mouse name alone.


The cinematic shows Mickey walking through a mirror and being transported to another dimension where a wizard is creating a world with a magical paintbrush. Mickey starts to fiddle with the paint brush, creating a huge evil creature that ruins the magical world. Many years pass and Mickey is awakened by the creature pulling him back through the mirror and into the ruined world and so begins the game.

The biggest impression that I got from the video was that this game won't be like the Mickey video games that have been released in the past; this is more along the lines of Kingdom Hearts. The scene of the dark creature pulling Mickey into the mirror was pretty intense and might be a little too much for a young kid.

You'll be able to take control of Mickey and travel through Disney history, from Steamboat Willie to today, when Epic Mickey releases for the Wii this holiday season.

Source: CVG

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