PAX Brings Part Two of Epic Mickey Opening Cinematic

Disney Epic Mickey

Earlier last month we gave you the first part of the opening cinematic to Disney Epic Mickey. When we last left him our precocious yellow-shoe'd protagonist had unleashed a dastardly evil as a result of toying with the sorcerer’s magical paintbrush. All seemed well for a time but finally the dark blot returned and captured Mickey. Finally, part two of the cinematic has been revealed and it sets up the first enemy encounter nicely along with introducing all of the major players contained within the game.

Check it out:

It seems like Mickey can’t help getting himself in terrible situations when he messes with the sorcerer’s belongings. But if it weren't for our mischievous rodent friend we wouldn't have the backdrop for a unique Wii experience.

While many gamers and Disney have high hopes for Epic Mickey it really has the potential of going either way. On the one hand, the idea of utilizing both paint and thinner to alter the game environment could make for some truly innovative game play while the strong reliance on a nostalgia factor could hint at a less polished product. As it is looking right now with so much footage being released leading up to launch, we might be able to get the best sense of the game without even having laid a hand on it.

Epic Mickey, when initially announced, looked like it was taking the character in a new direction -- a direction that would give him a greater appeal in a hardcore gaming arena. Unfortunately, once game play screens and footage began revealing themselves it looked like Disney Interactive balked at the idea of upsetting the house that Walt built.

Epic Mickey Art

Disney Interactive, in an effort to keep the character design as universally appealing as possible, instead decided to stick with a more traditional Mickey look littered the game with references to cartoons and films of many generation’s childhoods. They took what could have been a tremendous let down to Disney fans and transformed it into a title that would have mass appeal but would give the hardcore gamer something unique.

What do you think of the opening cinematic for Disney Epic Mickey, Ranters? Does knowing how the game sets up the story influence you one way or the other? Let us know in the comments below.

Disney Epic Mickey releases the dark blot on November 1st for the Nintendo Wii.

Source: Joystiq

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