'Epic Mickey' Developer Diary Takes Gamers Through the Disney Archives

Epic Mickey Developer Diary - Disney Archives

Warren Spector and his team at Junction Point Studios must have had one of the most joyful experiences developing a video game to date. Getting to work on Epic Mickey, the Wii’s love letter to the great Walt Disney himself, is an opportunity that could be the high point of each of the developers’ careers.

One of the most exciting treats the team was able to experience in order to prepare for the game was being able to dive into the Disney archive. In a new diary for the game, Spector and his team talk about what it was like exploring the history of some of Disney’s most beloved characters. Check it out:


When looking through the archives, the team was able to gain behind-the-scenes looks at some of Disney’s creations that unfortunately never made it to the silver screen. In an effort to give new life to these lesser or unknown characters, both Mickey and the player will work to bring them to the forefront.

With one of the richest histories in animation, the team at Junction Point had over 100 games worth of material to work with. Deciding what to include and what to leave out may have been one of the most difficult jobs for the developers but it’s hard to imagine they didn’t enjoy getting to experience the archives.

In an effort to preserve the integrity of Disney’s work, the developers tried their best not to alter any designs as long as they meshed well with the game design. Spector has even issued a challenge for gamers to discover what inspired particular elements of the game.

Getting past the initial hump of Mickey’s radical design change (or lack thereof), gamers are sure to find a lot to enjoy in Epic Mickey. Touting itself as the Wii’s best looking game, there is no denying that the visuals and the mechanics are inventive.

Any gamers out there who possess even the slightest touch of fond memories for Mickey and Disney lore, should do themselves a favor and check this title out. For a little more convincing on the lofty goals the developers were trying to reach, check out Game Rant’s interview with Sean Barton, one of the programmers on the game.

What lesser-known Disney characters are you looking forward to getting acquainted with in Epic Mickey? Do you see yourself getting nostalgic for this game or would you rather they had taken Mickey in a different direction?

Disney Epic Mickey releases November 30, 2010 for the Wii.

Source: CVG

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