'Epic Mickey 2' Unveiling this Month?

Epic Mickey 2 Event this Month

Though the time span between when Epic Mickey 2 was teased and now has led us to believe that the title was going to be sitting on Disney's back burner for a while, a new event invitation suggests otherwise. According to the invitation, Disney and Warren Spector (Creative Director on the first Epic Mickey) will be showing off a new "epic project."

Not much is known about this Epic Mickey 2 event — or what we presume to be an Epic Mickey 2 event — besides its date (March 27th). The assumption is that, based on the secretive nature of the event, Epic Mickey 2 won't get a full reveal until a couple days later, but fans of the first title should keep a look out for news starting on the 27th.

So far we do know that Epic Mickey 2 will be targeting all major platforms rather than just the Wii like its predecessor, but aside from that new features, like co-op, are anyone's best guess.

Despite failing to hit the mark that most gamers anticipated the game would when it was teased back in 2009, the Epic Mickey property still has a lot to offer in terms of interesting gameplay mechanics, and nostalgia-packed storytelling. And with both the Xbox 360 and PS3 also supporting this sequel, there opens up a wider swath of gamers who might be willing to give the game a chance.

Still, I wouldn't be surprised if Epic Mickey 2 bares a striking resemblance to its predecessor — only with HD graphics and support for the Move and Kinect. Disney's games have always toed the line between family friendly title and broader appeal, but if Epic Mickey 2 is going to be a bigger success a wider audience than the first one needs accept it.

Are you excited for another Epic Mickey? How should Epic Mickey 2 improve over its predecessor in order to be more successful?

Source: Nintendo Master (via Kotaku)


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